When should i start flowering

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by UnClE tOm198666, Aug 12, 2012.

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    Doing pretty good I think for my first ever grow. It will be 8 weeks old soon, and I'm not sure when I should start flowering
  2. That's a very nice plant, I would've guessed 4-5 weeks though. Any plans for LST or topping? either one will give you more branches. Lights/nutes/soil?
  3. The set up is very very basic. I have and old shop light, like for a garage, with two 40 watt tube florecent bulbs, miracle grow rooting system soil, and miracle grow organic plant food
  4. Add some more lights man. Plants pretty small for 8 weeks of veg.

    Anyhow you can flower anytime you want to. First day or in 2 years from now. Whenever you want.
  5. I agree with two things: that's a great looking plant and add some more lights! It's a bit small for that age (based on my limited experience) and the light should help with that. Other than that though, great job!
  6. Yea I also agree that I need more lights, but I've got a very limited budget. So I'm just kinda working with what I have. The only thing I paid for was the soil, plant food, chain to hang the light from, and the planter.

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