When should I start feeding?

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  1. So my plants are about 27 days old now, and just transplanted them into some fox farm happy frog with some ocean floor ontop to fill.

    I was just curious on when I should plan on feeding with some general hydroponics floragrow/bloom.
  2. Fox farms soil comes with 3 week supply of nutrients in it. Saying that you just transplanted them in to some new soil I would give it a week before u start to feed it. Then when you do start to feed it make sure to use quarter of the recomend doseage. There's some people that will say not to feed it at all until the 3 weeks is up. But like I said I would wait a week then start.

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  3. I veg mine in only happy frog and ph water. Even npk of soil is more than adequate you have enough soil. I use gh floranova bloom Then i 1/4 dose bloom ferts during first two weeks of 12/12 and 1/3 strength until flush.

  4. Is nova the only nuet you have used? Or have you used the floragro also?
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    I used the duo as well. The floranova has organic and chemical properties. I prefer the floranova with supplement of epsom salt. Flavor is better imo and i have less issue in soil than with duo. Less need to flush. If i were running hydro i may use the duo but i prefer 3 part in hydro setup. Organic grow is my next step.

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