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When should I start 24 hour dark cycle

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by jabajaba, Jul 21, 2010.

  1. My plant has about 10 days left until harvest (will be 9 weeks of flowering) when should I start giving it the 24 hours of dark time?

  2. EHHHHHHHHHHH???? I always heard, read, thought that you give them 24 hours of darkness to jumpstart flowering:confused: If it's just ten days left, just flush em' and Thats it. That 24 hours of darkness may stress the plant affecting overall quality and yield.
  3. I have started flushing, but I also heard that giving your plant 'dark time' will increase that amount of resin
  4. youre right, giving it a dark period right before the chop does help trich and resin production. some people say 24 hours, ive heard other say up to 3 or 4 days.

    to answer your question though, is it depends on what kind of high you want. more cloudy for a more heady high, amber for more couchlock. id put it into dark when you see your trichs are the color you want them, they wont develop TOO much more during the dark period.
  5. Like UB said, the darkness tricks the plant into thinking the world is ending and if it wants to survive, it better do everything it can to make seeds. Like making extra resin and trichs to cath pollen.

    On the other hand, it could also hermie if left too long. I would say 2 days max.

  6. Thanks man, its already a kush plant so im expecting the couch lock, I forgot to mention though should the 3 days of darkness be added to the already 10 days of flowering left or should I just do 7 more days of light then 3 days of dark

    EDIT: Make that 2 days only, thanks for the heads up akhans def dont want that thing to hermie this late into flowerin
  7. Might as well let it go longer if you want more amber trichs. I would add the 3 days to the 10.

  8. Old wive's tale. I've never seen a lick of evidence that this is actually the case, just lots of people on internet forums who keep parroting one another's views and spreading misinformation.
  9. not tryin 2 b an ass or anything just love knowledge but how can a flowering female turn hermie in its last days?
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    because it wants to carry on its legacy as a plant. to a pot plant, its sole purpose in life is to create seeds, it could care less about us wanting to smoke it. so when a plant is left to grow long enough it freaks the fuck out and says "ok, i havent been knocked up yet... time to make some balls!" the same goes for the dark period trick. like akhans said, it makes the plant think the end of the world is coming. when you take away one of the essential things pot needs to live, like light, it will do everything in its power to make sure it carries on its genetic legacy, like increasing resin production to help try and catch any pollen that might be there. the same theory goes for something like stem puncturing
  11. ive read a few studies that say otherwise. im going to look for them and post them in here when i find them, but its definitely not a wives tale, nor is it misinformation. i wont give advise to someone on here unless i know what im telling them is fact, im very against the spread of misinformation that happens a lot here.

  12. "Studies," or wholly subjective posts on internet forums like this one? I'm not trying to be a dick, but if you have substantive evidence that supports the claim, I would love to see it -- haven't found any yet. :wave:
  13. :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:

    I have never heard of this " end of the world " plant enrichment method. Damn, I geuss you really do learn sumthin' every day:wave::wave::wave:
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    no it wasnt on any forum, it was just different articles about growing on a few pot magazine websites. im pretty sure one was on cannabis culture, cant remember the other, but i know ive read 2 different articles about it. its not like its gonna go into the dark period with barely any trichomes and come out looking like a cannabis cup winning white widow bud, but it does boost a little overall resin production from what ive read. never put it into practice but plan to do a side by side comparison of two white rhino clones.

    also, 24 hours of dark right before hes about to chop isnt enough time for anything adverse to come from the stress of no light, so why not give it a try OP?
  15. Dudes read literature the plant catastrope theory is there, they will freak out and think the worlds over why do you think that we as so cautious with our light cycles. As far as a plant turing hermie in full bloom after 3 days I doubt it. Thats like saying women would just develop new borns ten times faster if we were in the apocolypse now. Maybe cut half off to dry, put other half in dark then smoke both, find which one you like better.

  16. Dont compare plant genitics to human genitics. Did you forget the most common way 'we' propagate MJ is to clone by doing a cutting?..That would be like me wanting a second child and just cutting off my wifes arm, and putting it into an aroponics machine.

    Now I dont know if a plant COULD go hermie in 3 days...I just know they are in no way comparable to humans.
  17. Who cares if it hermies? It's the best of both worlds;)

    But seriously, if you haven't tried it, you could just do it for 1 to 3 days and monitor the situation to see if this " end of the world " method is legit.
  18. Okay so im no pro (only one grow 4 indoor Big bud clones) and i see the idea and reason for this apocalypse theroy, but i thought that resin production in the bud was due to the fact that the resin is one of the most advanced natural sunblocks there is. I thought i also read something about it helping to keep seeds moist. Now i guess the the resin could do both but wouldnt it be eaiser to find some way to (saying that im right) to make a more abrasive light? Like add more UVA and UVB light? Or maybe drop humidity for the last ten days if the ''keeping the seeds moist'' idea is correct. I dk i would just try to find a different way to do it.
  19. Now I've heard its best to trim/cut right before lights on, but this lights off for an extended period is new to me.
  20. I mean.... if ya want a second child that looks like your wife and is the same age. But i wouldn't no nothin about that .:rolleyes:

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