When should I plant my seeds.

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by dustyboy316, May 1, 2006.

  1. Ok, the time is almost here to plant seeds. If I germinate them, when is a good time to plant the sporuting seed for an outdoor grow. The seeds are of unknown strain, so a general time to plant owuld be good. I'm thinking around may 10th.
  2. if you're in the northern hemi, then you should already have those in the ground. I would germ them yesterday, grow them in a little pot until they develop decent roots. Then dig yourself a "$20 hole" for each one and plant them as soon as they begin to outgrow their first container.
  3. Ahh, thanks. My buddies bringing the seeds over now and I'll get this started asap.

    How long should it germinate for, just umtil the seed cracks open and roots are growing, or is there a size or anything?
  4. just until the 'taproot' is showing, i believe :smoke:
  5. your suggesting planting these just because of what hemisphere he is in? thats crap. this guy could live in florida or montana, and if you have managed to make it past 3rd grade, you no theres a big difference.

    obviously, you need a tap root.second, wait till its nots getting below 35 degrees at nite.

    have a nice day:)
  6. Location does matter if your planting outside, it was a legitimate question.
  7. hey dickhead, read my post again. I said to pot them until they had a fairly established root structure and outgrew their first container. Being that it is now May, that would put him to nearly June before putting them in the ground. 2 days to germ, 2-3 days to seedling, about 3 weeks of growth... You tell me where in the Continental US it is still below 35 degrees in June!?! Even lives somewhere in the northern hemi that it is still below 35 in June, then I'll assume he's smart enough to know that he can't row it outdoors. Maybe I'm not the one that needs to go back to school and re-learn his months of the year.

    when you've done as many grows as I have and helped as many people, then you can open your mouth and show us all how ignorant you are.

    have a nice day:)

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