when should i have a carbon filter by?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by kaBLAM, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. they're expensive.

    we know we're gonna need one (10 plants, bag seed)

    they're all still germinating though. and it's a basement grow away from the front of the house.

    i'm thinking we won't need it until we start flowering. is this correct?
  2. DIY.

    At least have before flowering/pre-flowering. You're gonna have to get one eventually, might as well have it for the whole grow.
  3. Not necessarily correct at all. Last year I had 4 plants in veg, brought them inside (from my garage grow cab) when I went on vacation, and when I came home and walked in the door the odor hit me like a punch in the face. From the other side of the house and on a different level. So yes, they can stink in veg.

    That's not to say that your plants will stink in veg, but better to be prepared and not need it than the other way around.
  4. I'm a first time grower, but I have read here and other places that the smell (how soon you smell, and how potent) really depends on the strain. I am growing a Lowryder #2, I started smellling it faintly on day 17. I only have 1 plant, so a quart of Ona gel gets rid of the smell for me. I think with the amount of plants you have, you will have to use carbon though. Check out my thread if you get a chance. Always looking for pointers! Cya
  5. diy.
    30 bucks.
  6. can anyone reccommend a diy project that actually works..

    plus i've been looking around at some of the projects...i'm not sure i quite understand how they work? is this for pumping air out of the house? what if i just want the air circulating into the room?
  7. in my experience you'll want a carbon scrubber after 2-3 weeks of veg, when they are about a foot or two tall. otherwise you're whole place will be stinking something good and will only get worse as they grow into flowering.

    are you referring to how carbon scrubbers work? in that case, yes of course you can use for both pumping air out of the house or for just circulation in the room. the point is that the odorous air enters the scrubber at one end and then comes out the other end without any odor. where you dump that clean air (e.g. outside or back in your grow room) doesn't matter so long as fresh air is being circulated into the grow room sufficiently. either way the smell is going away.
  8. I took my 3 babies into the basement when winter started last year at about 3 weeks old and within one day you could smell it when you walked by the basement door. I was very surprised because I had never noticed their smell in the garage. It does seem to happen at different times depending upon the strain. You should play it extra safe and have some kind of odor killer available incase it happens quicker than you plan and just sit it by the door if you don't have your cf yet.

  9. get a five gallon bucket.
    fill it about 1/3 full of activated carbon.
    drill some holes on the bottom and sides of the bucket.
    put lid on.
    drill hole for your vaccum hose into the top of the lid.
    have hose running into your grow rooom.
    turn on fan..
  10. hahahahahahaha...the last time i tried to make a diy filter out of a five gallon bucket we ended up with 10 gallons of turtle water on our floor.

    BUT since this filter only deals with air and activated carbon, i'm willing to give it another shot.

    just one question about this set up...would the fan go in the bucket with the activated carbon? or would it be on the side of the hose that is in the room? or what? i'm just having a little bit of trouble picturing this in my mind.


  11. turtle water?? lmao thats funny mann
    and the fan would be in your grow space.
    so you have your bucket outside the grow room, with the hose leading into your grow space with the fan in there.
    just make sure its all air tight and you'll be fine my mannn

    GL on your grow!

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