When should I harvest?

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  1. I have left this auto feminizing northern lights plant relatively alone except for the occasional bone meal. I have been away and haven't been able to start trimming leaves, but I will do this very shortly. When should I start cutting the actual buds? They were first germinated on June 1st. furthermore, I don't have any sort of shears to cut with, any recommendations?

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  2. Still have a while to go give it two weeks and report back.
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  3. Looks like 5 weeks to me.
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  4. Should I begin to trim the upper leaves?
  5. No
  6. Leave the leaves alone on this since you're outdoors and there should be more than enough light.

    First grow using cfls.
  7. This is an update from a week later, I'm getting pretty antsy. How does it look? How long until harvest?

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  8. Don't rush it mate let it grow it's looking good!
  9. This looks to be an outdoor grow. So it is not a matter of weeks, it is a matter of your location on the planet. The plants will start to mature and die when the weather and daylight changes.
    In the northern hemisphere, seeds are planted as early as March or as late as May, and flowers are harvested from September through November. Seasons are reversed in the southern hemisphere, so planting takes place from September to November and harvest time is March to May. In the tropics, near the Equator, it is actually possible to harvest outdoor cannabis throughout the year.

    Careful taking advice from anyone in this regards who does not know your location (they are full of it).

    If this is an indoor grow...(pretty sure it is not) you have bugs in your grow room.

    Don't cut any leaves off until harvest day.
  10. It is an outdoor grow in New York. From what I can see, the trichomes look pretty milky. My concern is the growth of fungi or bugs eating my buds, do you have an idea how long I should wait?
  11. So I was under the impression that from seed to harvest would be about 8 weeks, is that only for an indoor environment with a controlled lighting environment? If I'm outdoors my harvest period is dictated by time of year? Furthermore, should I add bone meal at this stage of flowering? Or is there any other action I can take to improve the quality or quantity of my harvest?
  12. If what you're referring to is the "flowering time" it means that it's 8 weeks to finish flowering from the beginning of flowering.

    Regardless of the case, the timeframes are never accurate.

    First to third grow. From beginner to novice lol.
  13. The 8 week number is from the seed bank's estimated indoor flowering time. This does not include veg time (will depend how tall you want the finished plant to be). Outdoor growing is much slower.
  14. UPDATE, PLANT IS DEAD, dying? I'm not even sure, is this fungus? Are any of these nugs salvable?

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  15. Did you get anything from that plant?
  16. I am currently curing like 8 grams or so, the buds at the bottom were free from turning brown, but the biggest buds turned brown in places. Does that mean the large buds are unsalvagable?
  17. If they are turning brown its not worth risking your health over. From the pics it looks like they got scroched and they werent harvested soon enough. Looks like they started to decompose and rot.
  18. I wanted to harvest in beginning of september, everybody in this forum said I should wait until mid october, by second week in september it looked like that. If there is no visible rot, do you think it's smokeable?
  19. Idk man Ive never had anything look like that in any of my outdoor grows. I would be scared to touch it with a 10foot pole lol.

    When did you first see signs of flower? Ive grown a lot outdoors and sometimes Ive harvested bud in August other times october. It really depends on how the bud looks.

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