When should I harvest? (with pics)

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  1. Not really positive when I should cut her down...

    (Sorry for the not really good at all quality :()

    Photo 34.jpg

    Photo 35.jpg

    Photo 36.jpg

    Photo 37.jpg

    Photo 38.jpg

    Photo 39.jpg
  2. go to a store and grab a magnifying glass. 15x to 30x is perfect. than look at the trichomes, when the trichomes a white/milky color it means the plant is still not fully mature but you can still cut down (high will tend to be more energetic than stoner). that when it is fully mature the trichomes will be an amber color (the stoner high). most grows do about 50/50 half milky and half amber to give it an all around good smoke and high.

    so go check the colors of the trichomes. and determine for your self man. its probably your first grow correct? its all about trial and error and personal preference. just have a good time with it and get in a good cure! one of the most important parts.

    good luck man
    stay high
  3. Oh I know al that stuff, thank you thought I'm just wondering if it has more growing to do or whatever. Some of the hairs are still white the big long ones.
  4. how long has that been flowering, looks to me like its still got a while to go, i dont really see that much bud formations mostly pistils and even there scarce
  5. Bad pics.. but you can still tell they have awhile to go. Id give them a good flushing though, they kinda looked nute locked (my opinion)
  6. looks like we are in the same boat, your plant looks like my girl did about 1 1/2 - 2 weeks ago, im definately no expert but my plant has bulked up over the last 2 weeks so im definately glad i waited to see if she would keep going, some of the hairs on mine are still milky but mostly lower buds. not that my advice is worth much but give it a bit more time, you would be suprised what a little bit of time can do.
  7. ^Alright, thanks man!
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    once your in flowering stage, your plant matures like crazy, it took mine like 2 almost 3 weeks into flowering till they finally starting getting some good bud formations going instead of just pistils and ever since, everytime i wake them up i can see a difference in bud size and density, once i quit paying attention to days it made this whole wait alot easier, you gotta be patient when its comes to growing weed, speacially if you want some good product, and youll be proud of your self when its done, my ultimate goal is i can become self sufficient with growing so i dont gotta deal whith these bitch ass dealers out her scimping, and getting there feelings hurt when you go threw a new guy, fuckj all i gotta say is if your a dealer dont think of customers as friends, thats fucking bussiness, ya digg, friends are friends and deals are money, dont get em mixed up, course you can deal to your friends as well betta hook it up tho ha
  9. Yeah man, they swell and put on alot of their weight in the last couple weeks, definately get that 30x glass, thats the only way youll know for sure when theyre done, You dont wanna throw away all the time and money youve put into it by cutting them down a week or 2 early, that shits crazy

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