When should I harvest this beauty?!

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  1. hello guys, thanks for the help the forum has given me. Its been just under 6 weeks my northern lights has been flowering. Its my first harvest and would like some opinion on how much longer to wait. Here are some pictures:
    7708AAD8-0293-4656-A044-9B2CC1A50963.jpeg 263B3312-9A32-4DE2-88E3-771830F48E39.jpeg B1F5266B-C6D1-4BE0-855D-15391E45F7FF.jpeg 8546ED71-C929-4C1F-9BA2-AA4B70BA017E.jpeg 46A8AAAC-7EBB-418B-BB99-CA1DA5F8BC63.jpeg
  2. Get yourself a little eyeglass, a microscope of sorts, a handheld zoomer. By looking at the weed closely you'll see that 'trichomes' are forming over it, this is what will dictate when you harvest.

    Have a google, they'll be clear at first and when they cover 80/90% of the buds, they'll start to become opaque and eventually darken to a bronze colour. The darker the colour, the heavier the stone. So harvesting when they're opaque and cover 80/90% of your bud would be a good shot (but you'll have your preference :) ).

    Good luck!
  3. Thanks a lot bud!
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