when should I got into the flowering stage?

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  1. I know the given time for a normal grow operations veg stage is 4-6weeks, but I'm under a pretty tight time plan, I only have another 50 or so days till I leave the country and till then I need it to be ready.

    Info on the operation:

    -38 days of growing
    -used nutriens for veg stage
    -one 6500k CFL which I had the first 25 days or so
    -two 2700k CFL's which I added a week ago
    -a CPU fan running on 3V.
    -plants are about 30cm (11.8 inches) tall
    -water every 2-3 days (the soil is dry when watered)

    so when should I start? Now ? or wait?
    thanks a bundle.

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  2. Not sure why you are asking.

    So you have 50 days till you have to leave. Flowering takes an average of 6-8 weeks (42-56 days) I am sure you can figure out the rest :p
  3. I see ur point, how bad would my yeald be damaged? This is my first grow, so do my plants look OK? ( i think theyre allitle too small for 38 days but heck)
  4. Look at your plants now and times them by around 3 and that is what they will be by the end of flowering. And yes your plants look healthy.
  5. Get them flipped over now. 12/12 strict. you could reduce the hours to 8 or 9 hours light last week or two. should mature the buds faster. you will lose what you will lose. dont waste anymore time.
  6. thanks for the advice. topic closed.

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