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  1. My ladies are 5 week and 2 days into flower Nirvan Northern Lights when should I flush with pure water a few ginger hairs have started to appear?
  2. 7 - 10 days br harvest start to flush them bro
  3. Work out how often they need watering, caus you should flush at least three times before cutting
  4. When to flush:

    - in between the flip from veg ferts to flower ferts
    - about 2 weeks before harvest
    - any time you suspect a nute burn or pH problem
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    Hey man cheers - but I was after an answer like what percentage of orange hairs.... I would say the plants have about 3 - 7 % orange hairs now just a rough guess though - how far normally before I flush (say in percentage of orange hairs) I know it will be different each time I just wanna rough estimate Thanks

  6. you wanna cut when their are about 50% (or whatever you like)
    so a week or two before then.
  7. I'm aiming for 60% so would you say flush at 40% would that be a safe bet?

  8. Flushing your plant has no relevance to the color hairs and is a poor way of determining its peak ripeness. I flush 3 times per grow. Once from veg to flower, once from open sesame to beastie bloomz and once about 8-9 days before harvest. I dont flush 2 weeks before harvest cause I already flushed after the open sesame so that clears out alot of buildup during my flowering phase.

    What you need to do is determine your ripeness by using a 60-100x microscope and looking at your trichromes. Begin the flush when the trichromes are about 75% milky and by the time your flush is completed you should have 100% milky trich's. Maybe a few amber which is ok. Do not wait to flush too late or your will lose some of the potency. Good luck.

    Also, I picked up a 60to100x scope from radio shack for 12.99$
  9. I have a microscope what would I do cut part of a bud off ??

  10. Cut one of the small out leaf edges that is coated with trichs. One from the upper area of the plant. you dont need to cut the whole bud. Just the small leaf edges on one. Do this on the lower half of your plant too. The lower half of the plant will be slightly less mature.

    It could not hurt to cut small bud off but remember if its not ripe yet you will have to do it again and you do not want to mutilate your plant or stunt it in any way.

    If you do decide to clip a small bud there are benefits to that too. It allows you to sneak peak the flavor and high a little.:smoke:


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