When should i flower?

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  1. size isnt really the issue its my lighting.... I have a t5 http://www.htgsupply.com/viewproduct.asp?productID=49346

    along with 2 t12 40w bulbs....

    Idk how big i should get them before flowering because not sure if its going to be enough light...

    i have 4 plants... but 3 not sure on sex...

    I want to switch to a HPS but have no $...

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  2. If your going to flower under T5's I'd put them on 12/12 at about 12-18"

    But If I were you, I'd pick up something like this 400w HPS <-- REALLY GOOD DEAL BTW! :eek:
  3. kk. thanks. what is going to be the difference between a 150w and a 250w. because heat is my issue. i mean, i wish i could do the 400w but its going to forsure be to hot to control.
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    Well, with a 150w you can do a 2'x2' area, where a 250w could cover a 3'x3' area.

    You said you have a 4' 4 tube T5 setup? Just thinking you would want to cover more space, generally you want your Flower area bigger than the size of your veg.

    But if your going to stick to 4 plants, I'd get the 250w. More light means a more bountiful harvest, and more dense buds. If you are in a tight area, you might need to invest in an exhaust fan as well.

    But if times are that tough, get the [URL="http://www.htgsupply.com/viewproduct.asp?productID=53025]150w[/URL]... you can always upgrade later, and use both! Although the 150 isn't that much cheaper, but maybe you can find a sweeter deal.

    And remember, If you want to flower under the T5's you got keep them girls short. The light doesn't travel far, but you can keep the light close to the tops.

  5. Thanks Hyper... I am now convinced about the 250.... and exhaust and you tlaking about leading outside the room or exhaust connected to the light?
    cause right now i have a 4' incline fan hooked up to a carbon filter and the temps are at about 70.... is it going to be ALOT hard to control temps?

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