when should i flower in south alabama

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  1. im in south alabama and i was wondering when my plant would flower...they r about three months old an none of the leaves have died.im using 19.6.12 fert and when its time ill use 14.14.14.....so im wondering when i should change to that
  2. cmon....nobody?
  3. it should flower soon enough man, i think i heard someone said to try putting a garbage bag over them for like 48 hours to trigger it, if you need to.
  4. im not in any hurry....just not familliar with natural flowering times
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    Changing ferts didn't trigger the flowering for me last year as I thought it would. It just happened. It depends if it's a sativa (taller plant with skinny blade-like leaves it starts flowering later - correct me if I'm wrong guys ???- and for longer). FLowering time depends on the strain too, and on your region of course! You can try the cardboard box thing if it's not too visible (give it 12 hrs day/ 12 hrs night for a few days and it should trigger it off but doesn't seem too practical if it's guerilla (visible) and the plant is big. It will flower naturally for sure: patience! Or ask friends in your area!
  6. theres another thread i made with pics of them ...its 'new to growing...how do these look'

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