When should I crop these babies, please help

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    To start off, both of these cuttings are from an unknown source, clearly a sativa, or sativa dominant, but a bit more on the bushy side, one was lst'd, to be small, the other one did this naturally and had way less space between bud sites. Both completely organic,shitty non nutritious soil, fed nothing but water and what she can find on her own. They both came with severe spider mite infection and we started 2 months late (Late June). I'm in the northern Canada climate. But being my first grow ever, I was ambitious. Spider mite infection is "mostly" clear, always find the odd one on the lesser healthy plant that you will see. These plants had separate homes for the season.

    One in the woods getting 2-3 hours of direct sunlight a day, currently 2 feet tall, the much healthier girl of the 2, suffered from being ripped out of the ground mid bud by a wonderer, planted right back in its root system, backwards (oops) and had new growth the following week. She also suffered a few caterpillars on a couple fan leaves, and a few weeks ago a few fruit flies loved the distinct sweet smell , no skunky smell at all, and did nothing but hang around it, doing no harm, some got stuck to the resin unfortunately. No worries as both plants are going through bubble bags. This plant was in basically sand/clay with good drainage but remained moist, had a hell of a time transplanting in sand keeping the roots in tact, to a 5 gallon pot now beside the second plant I will be talking about.

    The lesser healthy plant of the two, started in a 1 gallon pot, crappy medium, no nutes, terrible drainage, hardly ever watered, currently 2 feet tall still with a very minor spidermite infection, was about 2 months old before it was eaten completely by a squirrel, including the whole main stem, leaving only one leaf with 2 nodes. She was an outdoor plant getting atleast 6 hours of direct sunlight a day, now moved indoor to a crappy 70w cfl growth to protect from the squirrels. She is lagging behind quite noticeably, but very respectfully recovered , considering this is only two nodes of the original cutting, imagine what the whole plant could have looked like. Now in the very unpredictable and very cold northern season, she is back outdoors getting atleast 2 hours of direct sunlight beside her sister from the woods. My whole question is, how long should I let these girls go? Its been very cold but no frost that ive seen. Please refer to the pictures.

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