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When shit hits the fan, what would you do?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Rizo, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. If the economy collapses, militia control and mass riots on the streets, will you join them or stay home with guns. Whether there is a collapse, or ww3, or invasion of aliens; What would you do when shit hits the fan?

    I would drive to the mountains and hunt and grow off the land, and live in a commune. Like in the movie wanderlust. And I would stockpile weapons just in case.
  2. I would get on gc and search the 10k threads just like this one for ideas...
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    Yeah, no. I'm on GC app n couldn't find one like this.
    Err, op, I would basically do the same thing as you but ballin. I would jack the best yacht and go ocean fishing and live on a big lake or something. And I would have a crew with turrets and cannons guarding me while I stay in bed with my fiancé all day hotboxing the cabin. Sweet life I'd say, but id get sick of fish after a while....
  4. Probably die
  5. Sit back in the corner n light up a joint..
  6. smoke a bowl
  7. Get on my bike and head for the mountains.
  8. light a blunt.. go fuck my probation officer.. then go home to chill with my son and probably play a few games of madden with him
  9. Blasting off and not comin back...
  10. Run through the streets naked screaming don't look at my shame.. Lol
  11. Shit hit the fan a long time ago man.
  12. Get up on my feet and stop making sorry excuses. Cause I wouldnt want my baby to go through what I went through
  13. Take out the neaerest walmart filling my truck and bug out to the mountains if its that bad or stay here and ride it out. Id have to go by what actually happens
  14. I would..

    -Gather my friends
    -Steal a van
    -Hit up Walmart, stockpiling just about all the food we can possibly haul, along with misc. survival equipment, ammo, knives, and cooking supplies.
    -Hit up BassPro Outdoor World, packing up on guns, ammo, tents, navigation supplies, misc. other equipment.
    -Head out to the coast, steal a massive ship.
    -Head out to Alaska, chill in the wilderness and setup a campsite.
  15. Do what I gotta. :smoke:
  16. Panic and add to the already insatiable amounts of mayhem.
  17. I'm going to pack lots of food, find the most isolated place i can, and start digging a hole straight down. Perfect plan.
  18. Unmentionable.
  19. [​IMG]

    I would probably smoke weed like its ending, do unmentionables, but mostly stay at home till i figure out whre tha fuck im going and whats happening

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