when shit goes mainstream

Discussion in 'General' started by boom420, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. Don't you hate it when a song or movie you like goes mainstream and every other oke starts hyping up the shit even when he himself doesn't like it. I feel it immediatly decreases the value of the song or movie. Just a random rant.
  2. Why? The film or song haven't changed, the fuck cares if everybody else likes it now. Enjoy the fact that you were cool before it was cool and relish in it. As a side not it seems mainstream to dislike things that are mainstream.

  3. I hate people who feel like they can't like something once they feel like they're not the only one that likes it anymore. Like bludreams said, it doesn't change anything. Moves, music, art are meant for enjoyment. You should be happy that more people enjoy it and understand it on the same level you do.

    damn hipsters. :laughing:
  4. this reminds me of a post I saw earlier. "watch this music video, its so good, only 250 views!"
    as if the fact that it is known by so little makes it even better.

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