When REALLY high and somewhere there's a lot of people..

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  1. i dont like it when this happens to me. it makes it impossible to talk or listen to anyone because i am constantly interrupted by other conversations, but then again it is hard to talk or listen to anyone anyways because i get side tracked so easily :smoking:
  2. happens to me aswell, id smoke before football games, bball games, school, and at some parties, you can hear EVERYTHING. Sometimes if im not in a convo or jsut sitting there you kinda get lost in the noise, one of the many feelings i love when getting high:smoke:
  3. This exact things happens to me whenever im blazed at a party
  4. Actually, the other day I was baked downtown and I walked by a crowd of a dozen or so people waiting to enter a film festival or something, and I picked up two or three separate conversations as I walked past in like four seconds... it was pretty cool.
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    Damn, yea it's pretty unexplainable.

    I just figured out the other day though that when I get really baked people will be like "oh man he's out of it" or "he's zoning"..

    The thing about that is I can hear them say that but not even think about it or care at the time.. I'm too into everything else going on and my surroundings to bother to explain that to people.. like I can hear them say stuff about me, then get side tracked when I hear or see something else that interests me and then I won't remember what they were talking about until the next day..

  6. I have been developing a theory about why this sort of thing happens when you're really high, and it's pretty simple actually. In higher dosages weed causes your conscious and unconscious mind to communicate to a greater extent than they normally do. See, every sensory input is first filtered through the reptilian (lowest level) brain, then through the unconscious, then through the conscious. Each level of the brain processes that input, takes appropriate action (if any), then passes the information along to the next higher level (f needed.) Normally these separate parts of the brain are doing their job completely independently of each other, and each is not aware of what the other is doing. Even right now while you are reading this paragaph using your conscious mind, your unconscious is constantly listening to every noise and sound that occurs around you and is interpreting it. Most sounds are uninteresting and do not require your attention, so this information is not passed along to the conscious mind. If something interesting does happen, your conscious mind will be notified so it can decide if it needs to refocus its attention to deal with the interesting sound or noise you just heard. Well when you're really high, now the floodgates are open and your conscious mind is bombarded with a lot of sensory information that it normally wouldn't, and the intensity of that information is increased as well. This is why food tastes so much better, and also why you can now hear every conversation in the room simultaneously. Your conscious mind may have trouble processing all of the information, so you may kinda "zone out" and start ignoring or overlook certain stimuli that you would normally pay attention to. But the end result is you suddenly become aware of all these things going on around you that you normally would have never consciously noticed.
  7. That is one of the best theories i've heard thus far. Nice work man, keep "theorizing" lol.
  8. dude, this isn't really the same, but when i'm really high and it's raining.. it's like you can hear every single raindrop and you realize how many raindrops are falling in order for the rain to be that loud.. :smoke:
  9. zoolander - Sounds like that's exactly what happens. I mean, I don't know much about the brain, but if the first part you explained is all true, then it would only make sense.

    As I was reading that, my TV is on and for a split second I started listening to the random commercial, skipped a few words you wrote, then went back and read them again. It happened exactly how you said too, the TV was in my unconcious mind while what I was reading had my attention in my concious mind.. when I listened to the TV the two switched for a second, then switched back when I started reading. Awesome! (Sober right now)

    blondiee - I was walking home one day after smoking and it was raining, not too hard but not a mist.. Listening to the rain while high is awesome. Even if you really listen to it when you're sober, it's very soothing.
  10. Yes. It does make me uncomfortable as well. Not the people, just the fact that I can hear everything but not make them out really makes me claustrophobic. That's why I like chillin with my good friends but I don't mind smoking around people.

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