When REALLY high and somewhere there's a lot of people..

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  1. I can hear every conversation going on at once. I can listen to each one, interpret them, and feel as though the people are talking to me.

    Has anyone else ever had this? It recently happened to someone I know, at a party, and they had to leave because it was overwhelming. The first time it happened to me I had to leave a party too, but now I kind of enjoy it..

    It's trippy as shit though that's for sure. :cool:
  2. your trippin

    thats never happened to me before
  3. dont worry, your not alone. this happens to me too. smoking always enhancnes sound for me. i can always hear a distant conversation that i wouldnt hear when im sober. and its always fun to listen. and sometimes when theres on overload of sound it really confuses my audio interpretation lol. one time when i worked at picadilly someone was blowing up baloons with helium, and after i smoked a nice bowl of alaskan thunderfuck i walk past the tank where my friend was filling up the balloons and it was soo loud and i just started bustining out laughing cuz the sound was so funny haha.
  4. i know exactly what you mean man. when i used to smoke before school, everything was so loud and so clear i heard every little conversation going on in the room. it always tripped me out bigtime.
  5. haha as long as people know what i'm talking about. i usually am always at parties when i decide to smoke more than i usually do and that's when my sense of sound increases and the music sounds awesome but i can hear every other little thing too. it's intense to say the least.
  6. After I blazed with a couple of my friends in my dorm I laid in bed and heard crazy shit. I swore I heard police and my ra yelling to open the door but I realized I was just extremely high and half sleeping.
  7. hell yea thats why being at school is the craziest
  8. do you ever repeatedly tap ur ear buds in. Quiet/comotion/quiet/comotion. That makes me laugh.
  9. try to smoke at a Sunn0))) show, the two dudes run the label southern lord, they play through a wall of vintage sunn and ampeg amps dressed in robes haha.......you forget what quiet sounds like...you can literally see the inside of sound.
  10. same here
  11. yeah Dude that happened to me at a Panera Bread place while i was trying to eat a bowl of soup. It tripped me out :eek:

    Btw anyone else notice how hard it is to eat soup stoned?
  12. I remember my cataclyst toke w/my ex-gf at my friends dorm room. I don't know if it was because I was a noob or if it was just good bud but it had me freaking out. My ex had to drive because everything I looked at kept zooming in like some shit from the movie "Wanted". When I got home I parked in my driveway realizing I was too stoned to go inside my house and my eyes were bloodshot I stayed in my truck for a while. It was then I started hearing whispering and then it gradually became louder and freaked the hell out of me because they were conversations and I could understand everything. I live in a serene quiet neighborhood plus it was in the AM. I called another ex of mine to talk to her while it passed and the conversation I had with her that night was amazing...God I love bud :smoking:
  13. i know what you mean man. my ears become so sensitive to noise i can hear almost anything.
  14. I would be able to here every conversation because when i'm stoned I could concentrate easyer, but I get stoned before I go any where in public, parties, movies, anywhere!

  15. LOL. this happens to me when im out around town, I can everything, everyone is saying
    its awesome, at first i was gunna say this guy might have schizophrenia but I know
    what you mean now.

  16. EXACTLY! I went to the mall one time to go inside, to get Chickfla (pretty baked.). The mall that is by me, happens to be a famous shopping mall, so there's a lot of people around.

    I felt like I was being talked to by everyone around me, and by the time I got to the cash register, I couldn't hear what she was saying, it was so loud.
  17. My ears are all fucked from listening to loud music alot, so no, that doesn't happen to me, lol.
  18. it's the complete opposite with me..when I'm high I'm too high to hear jack shit
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    lol i love that feeling. especially when you quit paying attention and start listening again, only to hear something that sounds totally strange out of context. like, it makes sense to the people talking but not to someone who is just listening. it also seems like i can be totally out, not paying any attention, then someone says something about weed or something, and i'm totally alert. i always know if someone is talking about weed. actually this happened at a weird level to a friend a while ago. i was talkin to someone about buying an ounce, and my friend runs up "woah, did you just say ounce?!" back then i called him a stupid pothead because i had pretty much just started smoking...which is why i still had money to buy an ounce then lol
  20. yes this happened to my friends.

    they were driving around and they had to stop a one of my friends house to get something. on stayed in the car and one went in to get something. after my friend got what he needed, the friend in the car claimed he heard there whole conversation. he even said what it was about and some of the exact same sentences he said. crazy, marijuana gives you supernatural powers.

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