When people try to blame weed for acting dumb.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by dantino, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. It just pisses me off. Yes, you're high, but its not MJs fault. I dont act like an immature ass when im high, you're just a dumbass!

    Anybody have that one friend you smoke with, that every time they get high it's like the MJ removes a magical barrier and they're reduced to acting like idiotic, selfish and rude jackasses?

  2. Acting dumb? no.

    Acting chilled out, having a good time, happier, hungry and smarter? yes.
  3. gotta agree with dankmedical...although when i smoke with people that don't smoke they do stupid shit to try 'trip' me out like flashing a lighter in my face or waving their hands in front of my face and im like fuck off i aint smoking crack dude
  4. Weed affects people differently, when I first started smoking I always got way higher than my friends, I would say stupid shit that would all have them looking at me funny, and just do generally stupid shit. It still sort of happens, but I mellowed out. My point is, that I'm completely cool and collected sober but when I smoke a lot, I change and get silly. I'm not using it as an excuse for acting like an idiot, its just how weed effects me.

    Couldn't tell ya :confused_2:
  5. These people just push my rage button like nothing else does really.:smoke:

    Especially flicking a lighter in your face, that shit's obnoxious as fuck no matter what your drugs your on.
  6. wut

    Someone who is overwhelmed by experiencing an altered state of consciousness will always 'blame' the high for their actions because they either a) haven't gotten used to getting high or b) are lazy unintelligent individuals who will never blame themselves for their actions, high or sober.
  7. It is the weed that makes them do it..I get pretty retarded when I smoke. I have a low tolerance, but I smoked for like a year straight. I know how to handle it when I need to, but if I'm just chilling with friends, I tend to get a little silly
  8. i didn't realize there was a certain way to act when your high

    i guess i've been doing pot wrong the entire time! =(
  9. not saying we should all act the same, im saying we should all be chill without being annoying and obnoxious to everybody around you...
  10. Weed makes me smarter, i will think of something high and find out the answer to it, or just research stuff. Like space.:smoke:

  11. Act however you want, it's not a certain way to act, it's a certain way not to act. Don't be a dumb ass or don't scream and be childish, don't scare your friends, that stuff you know ?
  12. One of my ex smoking buddies used to be like that. Got so fed up with it over time that one day I just decided I'm not ever going to smoke with him again. Haven't for a long time and I ain't missing it. But now my other friend starts being pretty snobbish and just dumb as fuck when he gets high. I need a chill, mellow dude to smoke with. damnit, ain't none around here. Ah well.. what're you gonna do? I still enjoy the mj.
  13. Haha I kind of laughed at this post because in reality, they are acting this way BECAUSE of their marijuana intake. If you have a problem with the way someone acts when they're stoned, there's an easy solution to that: Don't smoke with them...
  14. Well you posted this so vague you have insulted a certain demographic. I get where your coming from you hate the random ass who gets high then starts eating chips and there dropping everywhere and blame that on being high(Often only. Sometimes it does happen!)

    But then you have the other side. My best friend for example. When he gets nice and baked we could be just sitting in my room and he will jump up start dancing and singing. But I know he is not putting it on he is umm......having fun and being happy? lul...

    To clarify were man childs

  15. yeah but what if weed makes me feel like being childish.

    and what if i like to scare my friends.

    you know?
  16. It depends. Weed does make you act differently, but all in all, it is still you. Drugs may bring that side out, but its still you...if that makes sense
  17. "Chill"'s boring. I want to be laughing and having a good time.
  18. Yeah, my brother and his fucking friends are so mean to me when we smoke together. Who gets mean when they smoke weed? Really. I thought weed made people happy and chill. Last time we smoked together I found a box of my favorite cereal and my brother ripped it out of my hands and started bitching about how it was his. Or else they'll start making fun of me for no reason, little fucking kids.
  19. Haha, Sounds like a little brother slap a hoe lol.

    But personally I love sparring when high. I attack my friends constantly well did(Only the ones who enjoy sparring as well I do not pick on people)
  20. You must have a higher tolerance so you don't get as ripped. When I am faded I say the dumbest shit but if I have a quick puff then I am so-called "normal"

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