When people say thats so "gay" I tend to roll my eyes.

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  1. Its pretty common for people to say thats so "gay" when they are referring to something bad. For some reason I always roll my eyes when some one says that to me. I'm not gay myself, but I use the word gay when I am talking about something that is gay. A pink shirt with glitter on it is gay, right? But being over charged for weed isn't gay, it just fucking sucks. A fanny pack is gay, but losing your wallet isn't gay, it just fucking sucks. I don't know its a werid pet peeve of mine. Does anyone else ever feel like this?
  2. Dude, fuck that. I can't believe this new generation worrying about fucking sex rights, what have we come? We're lost in a world of racism, deaths and love. Oh the smooth soft legs of an LA Woman, and her white perfumed lips. Gays are weird.
  3. i dont. Its become a slang word - an expression if you will. Being "politically correct" just pisses me off - probably has something to do with being a Journalism and political science major - but imo, i think people need to get over it. If and when i say something like that, im not referring to homosexuals nor am i insulting them. Its a term thats taken a new meaning. And as far as im concerned, gay meant happy long before it meant "homosexual"
  4. How is a fanny pack gay? It's an inanimate object with no sexual organs. It may be an ugly fashion statement, but it's not gay.
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    I don't know, I don't think there werid. I just never understood how some words get new meanings, ya know? Gay went from meaning happy, to homo, to something bad.
  6. lol, I know. I suppose that was a bad example.
  7. Losing your wallet is gay, and so are fanny packs.

  8. Sky Dog is rockin the fanny pack.
  9. I always say "gay balls" "Thats fucking gay." I started this generation to start saying that. :cool::D:hello::cool:
  10. I wonder if anyone could actually pull off the fanny pack.

  11. not unless your gay
  12. Yeah it's not a great way of using words, but there's also some damage done by overreacting to slurs. By getting worked up over words, you're basically saying to the minority target, "you're too weak to handle a petty insult," which is itself even more insulting.

    That, and it only serves to give the word legitimacy. As Ghandi said, "first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win." By fighting, you bring the bad words a step closer to winning, so best to stop at ignore and not escalate things further unless the situation really calls for action.
  13. this thread is pretty gay.
  14. i say "gay" all the time. My mom told me that i will say that to the wrong person and they will knife me. haha, i love my mom. SO i decided to say butch instead. haha thats so butch!
  15. I agree. I get real annoyed when people say things are gay that aren't gay at all. They use it as a derogatory term, as if being gay is a terrible thing.
  16. it's not terrible, it's just fucking gay.
  17. Dude some stuff's just gay
  18. All the gay people I know say shit is gay so I don't see the big deal. Some people try to hard to be politically correct.
  19. It just a slang. I don't get how its annoying.
  20. QTF!
    what really annoys me are those new disney commercials where they get like, hilary duff to say how people shouldnt say "thats so gay."

    it aint a big deal - we live in a world to concerned about everything being politically correct. they're just words - if they can properly convey the meaning you are trying to get across, then they've done their job.

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