When people say that they like you

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by PassTheGrass, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. I really fucking hate it when people say that they like me. Like if i'm just conversing and shit and they just out of the blue are like "I like this guy" or something like that. I have no idea why, and it makes me kinda stop talking when people say that. I know it's a good thing, but at the same time there just is something about it that pisses me off. I guess it's cause I feel that they don't really KNOW me, only my humor as I've just met them. I really am not quite sure what it is when people say that. I don't really know what to say back when people say that either haha. Anyone else like this? Idk, maybe just a weird quirk about me, not sure :/.
  2. Shouldn't let it bother you man. Take the compliment and move on. Yeah they don't know you,but use that to your advante
  3. holy shit chill out dude
  4. you've never met someone and after the first conversation you didn't say/think "man i like this guy/you"

    if not get out mannnnn
  5. why are you shunning a compliment then..?

    you must think they have an alterior motive honestly.

  6. ..you live such a dark sad life, poor you.

    for real though, suck it up and smile.

    dont worry be happy.
  7. Would you prefer "This guy fucking sucks" ?
  8. hahah how would u react if someone say they hated you?
  9. I would just fuckin bitch slap you right in the damn face if I liked you. REally fucking hard. Is that better than saying, Hey this guy is pretty cool == errrr he was untill he just said some straight bitch stuff. crying about how people say they like him... why dont u go to war and get disfigured and then see how many people come up and talk to you out of the blue and say they like you.
  10. Maybe you are just coming across as a really likable and chill person and you don't even know it? Or maybe these people are able to judge peoples character really well when first meeting them. Like relax bro.
  11. Man I really fucking like this guy man passthegrass this guy I sure like em'

  12. I was scrolling through in hope that nobody else was gonna say this so I could post it... LOL

  13. someone is trapped in the closet.
  14. yeah dude, i can't fucking stand when people like me it makes me so fucking mad!!!!!!!!
    like why would i want people to like me?
  15. Ru reptar? Cuz bitches love reptar.
  16. This threads fucking hilarious.

  17. It looks like someone is about to blow a gasket.

    Definately time to pass around the peace pipe:)
  18. argh!!! why would somebody ever like me!!!!!!!!!

    obviously i'm a goddamn ogre, fuck!
  19. Well if it make's you feel any better I don't like you.
  20. i told a friend once that he looked older than what he was he took offense like it was a bad thing when i actually intended it to be a compliment.

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