When people over stay their welcome

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  1. I seriously need to vent a little here:

    So we have a friend who just got out of 4 years in the military who is staying with us temporarily. The only problem is that he has over stayed his welcome. He has been here for over a month now and during that time he was suppose to find a job and a house. I have seen/heard him contact a realator all of once during this time. The problem is that the condo he is dead set on buying will only let you see the place and consider you if you've been pre-approved for a home loan. Well this guy is never going to get a home loan because he is trying to buy a condo with no job and no credit. He won't consider a apartment because he thinks he should just buy a house straight off.

    I understand that he has been in the military and all but this does not give him the right to use us. He can have a "deserved time off" after he finds his own place. All he does is sleep all day then goes out at night to watch anime. Oh and he already managed to break the fouton he was sleeping on and tried to cover it up. When I asked him to stop sleeping on it he acted shocked that the frame was totally snapped and bent.

    It is really hard to clean my apartment when he has turned my living room into a bat cave...

    I am also wondering what kind of things he is telling our other friends about us. We used to be really close to our group of friends and talk to each other every day. But they have stopped talking to us since our friend got back. I'm wondering if he has been telling them bad things about us because we smoke everyday. Yes, my husband and I enjoy a few bowls when he gets home from work to unwind from the days events. But now I'm getting that vibe from my friends as if they want to treat us differently because they know more about our evening hobbies. Although if they come out and try to say we are different I'm going to call BS on them because we have been smoking longer then they know about.

    But whatever. My husband and I are talking to our friend and getting him set on some type of plan to get out of our house. My husband wants to offer to help him find an apartment even though I think this is something that he should be doing on his own. I do know that unless he starts waking up during the day and actually shows us that he is TRYING, then I am throwing his ass out and I don't care where he goes.

    OH! and now my house smells like nerd stank and feet. Not sure how he managed that one, but omg ew.

    Thanks for bearing with me. It was just one of those times that I just needed to get it all out before I pop. *sigh* people

    (sparks up a fat bowl)
  2. kick his ass out

  3. "Linger-ers man." - pineapple express was funny and that is what i thought if when i saw your post,lol. anyways sorry i didnt read your entire post but ill agree with Bleezie on the issue.

  4. haha that quote along with "I thought hurricane season was ovah" are the best lines ever said hahahaha.....
  5. yeah get em outta there
  6. That sucks. I'm sure he's the type of guy who thinks you owe him something because he "served our country". My friends brother is like that. He's been out of the army for a little over 2 years now, he's 27 and he still lives at home. His excuse is that he spent 4 years working his ass off and now he deserves times to himself.

    To what? Go out and drink everynight?

    He's also wrecked his car and my friends car, my friend has yet to see any money for it.

    Some people just need to be out on their ass.

    I really hope when he leaves the odor does too, that sounds like an awful smell.

    I, also, hope your friends are just avoiding you because of his leech ass and not because of things he's said.

    Good luck.:D

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