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When packing a bowl...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Chrome44, Aug 17, 2008.

  1. Whenever I pack my bowl I always break up my nugs, but I'm never too sure if I break them up too small, or small enough. I heard that it's better to break them up because that gives air more room to move throughout the bud. But I dont want to break it up too small, how small do you guys break it up? And do you pack it loose or tight?
  2. just grind it up and pack it hard but not so hard that theres no air flow
  3. After I'm done breaking up my weed I measure each piece to make sure it's between 1-2 mm in height and 1mm in width. Then I carefully place each piece in the bowl with tweezers to not disturb the equilibrium. I start by going counterclockwise and leaving the hole in the bottom uncovered. I then put a piece that measures 5mm or so in the middle to cover the hole so nothing gets inhaled. I arrange the remaining pieces in a pyramid structure to get the most surface area when the weed is burning so no THC is lost.

    But no, seriously, break that shit up with your fingers. If it looks too big break it up some more, if its too small and you get a comet, dont break it up so small. It's not rocket science.
  4. i break it up really good then drop it in pack it down a little
  5. I always break mine up with my hands.

    Well, I do have bear paws, but its just basically how you want it to smoke. If you don't care, just break it up into to tiny buds, but invest in a grinder if you want properly chopped bud.

    Properly chopped always hits better.

  6. i arrange mine in the same manner!!! you must have gone to the same bowl packing class, haha jk jk:wave:, but yea break it up into mini nugs or grind it, just do wat ever YOU prefer, and have a good smoke:bongin:
  7. I loled.

    Its not hard to break it up dude lol. ^^^^^ Read then get blazed :smoke:
  8. #8 Hobo173, Aug 17, 2008
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    Advantages to a tight, finely ground bowl:

    - The bowl doesn't smolder as much between hits so you waste less

    - Less buds will pull through. Before packing, I also like to put a big fluffy nug to "screen" the hole.

    - Smoke will be denser for more powerful hits. Yellow smoke will put you on your ass

    - The buds are less likely to fly out due to people being idiots or wind

    - You can pack more in the same bowl

    The only disadvantage I can think of is that a tight bowl is harder to pull. I pack my bowls as tight as possible for denser hits. My lungs are strong but some people complain that they can't pull.

    I like to fill my piece with all yellow and then just clear it. It's a real feat not to cough though.
  9. That was great Lim :D

    But yeah, generally the smaller the better. Like the post above me said, just use a small bud for a screen and get it as fine as you can. You get bigger and bigger hits depending on how small each chunk is. Tis why everyone should invest in a grinder, aside from the wonderful thing that is kief.

  10. lol, thank you for that
  11. I like my weed ground up nicely, hits much better
  12. as much as u can. it burns better
  13. it should pull kind of like a cigarette, breaking it up with your fingers or scissors is fine, get it ground up for joints and blunts, otherwise fingers is fine
  14. I use my hands sometimes.
  15. wont the weed fall down the hole into the bowl if its finely grounded?
  16. I like to stick a fluffy bud into the hole before packing. It's best with a nice flat porous bud. Like a green screen.

    Mine doesn't pull through at all and I make my buds into powder with a coffee grinder.
  17. i grind it up like fuckin coke

    and pack as much as possible
  18. i just pinch off what looks like a bowl and stuff it in lol.
  19. That was the most hilarios thing to read when ur stoned
  20. Holy shit that was fuckn awesome, I lmfao'ed

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