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  1. when ordering from dr. chronic, i'm a bit confused to the quantity.

    if i put quantity at 1, does that mean i'll only get 1 seed? or does it come in a pack of 10 like other websites

    if it is only 1 seed that would be really expensive, and not worth it
  2. no it'll be 10, or depending on what seed company you go with some are 5, or 15 if you get mr. nices seeds it'll tell you at the top usually 10 though.
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    Product Name \t Price \t Quantity
    Nirvana white widow\tNV-whitewidow\t$36.00\t 1

    i'm pretty sure i just bought one seed for 36$USD that sucks....hopefully it sprouts
  4. Just read bro.

    The World famous Nirvana regular Seeds are sold in packs of Ten , so many great strains to choose from why not select 3 or more and get another pack for free!! Yup that's Nada Not a dime! simply add your free pack selection in the “comments” box on the order form. Please note we can not always guarantee your selection and may send an alternative Nirvana Strain subject to availability and don't get greedy its one pack per order No multiple orders they don't Count …. “don't ya just love the Small talk” OH yeah! don't forget “Keep it Chronic”

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