When my sister lived in California she had to sign a paper giving up her right to gun ownership.

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  1. I have a legal question. When my sister was giving birth to her daughter she had severe complications with her pregnancy and almost died giving birth. She was in a lot pain while giving birth and started yelling stuff like "Oh my god I wish I was dead, kill me." She and her baby almost died due to her doctors incompetence. Her husband who is in the army was really pissed at the doctor and yelled at him and said he was going to sue and all sorts of stuff. The doctor after she gave birth then had her institutionalized for a few days claiming it was California state law that any patient threatning to kill themselves had to be reported and institutionalized until a psychological screening. My sister was told the state could take her baby and they could keep her for weeks unless she signed a paper admitting she was suicidal and giving up her right to own a gun for ten years. My sister's husband has now been transfered to Texas, he is enlisted and the base housing he was assigned to is next to the ghetto and is not guarded, you don't have to have a military ID to enter the housing area, there is no gate. He has said he has gotten word that he will be deployed within the year overseas. I suggested my sister buy a gun to protect herself and her baby while he was gone and thats when she told me what happened after she gave birth in California, I was not there. Is this restriction enforcable or applicable outside of California? I told her it was bullshit and she should have sued and it wouldn't be enforcable in Texas, was I wrong?
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  2. I'm pretty sure you cant sign away basic rights, which gun ownership is in the US so what ever document she signed probably wouldn't hold up if someone ever tried to "enforce" it.
  3. Could be a way to weed out the "mentally ill" so they don't get their hands on those pesky guns...Never know around here.
  4. Husband buys gun, wife knows How to use it to protect herself.

    I would ask a lawyer. The question is asked about mental health state and being declared diagnosed psychologically impaired.

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  5. Sounds like the husband really pissed the doctor off and he responded by doing what he can to make it tough on them. I bet during birth people say crazy shit all the time and nothing like this happens. I live in cali and have never heard of anything like this but they do takr threat to harm yourself or others very seriously here. But they are in texas now. I doubt anything cali did matters in texas. I bet in texas she will have no problems getting a gun. I doubt she would get in trouble trying to get one. I would think the worst that could happen is her getting denied during the background check.
  6. Oooohhhhh all we have to do is get bad guy's to sign paper saying they cant buy guns.
    Gun problem-solution it'll work every time

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  7. Fuck that! I doubt that liberal bullshit would hold a candle in Texas. They love guns. I'm sure your brother in law has guns if he's in the army that she can use. If not he can just go buy her one of she gets denied. If not there is always a straw purchase. There are plenty of us out there willing to buy a gun for a good person who gets denied for some asinine reason.

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  8. Like JWS said.. it's Texas. They'll probably laugh about how dumb Cali is while handing her a gun.

    But asking a TX lawyer would get you the best answer.. and if it comes to it, he can get some guns for the house. If she can't own a gun, then she probably should leave them at home. A dog is always a good deterrent too, with numerous 'Beware of dog' signs. Since he would be leaving, I'd suggest that most of the dog bonding be with her while he is there.
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  9. Its a state order. Only enforced in the state it is issued.
    So here in Texas we can open carry our guns. Anywhere we want for the most part. However if we go next door to new mexico who has different gun laws I have to respect new Mexico's gun laws.
    Go to a pawn shop and buy a gun. Register it. Just keep it in Texas. And have your man reach u how to shoot
  10. Went the fuck would anyone willingly register a gun?
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  11. You know that's the thing that tears me. I wouldn't want my name to be showing up on any list. But then again I know carrying a unregistered gun will only cause more problems if I run across the police. So that lady would have to make her own decision about the legal aspects of gun ownership.
    It be a lot easier to own a gun illegally. But to many problems
  12. How could it create more problems? I don't know about your laws in Texas but I assume registration is not the law so what can they really do? It's not the law here so I refuse to register and still have no problem carrying.
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  13. You know honestly I'm.not positive. I don't own a gun...still not sure if I am ready for that yet...so I'm.not positive about the specifics of the law, just snippits of what I heard about the new open carry law if anything I know Texas is a lot more easier on their laws then Cali.
    They can't really DO anything. They can detain me and take my time from me. They can take my gun and make me spend alot of money to get it back. They can know I have a gun a deem me hostil . Idk but I rather not register anything
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    The only thing certain about the OP's story is that it's probably not the whole, objective story.

    Blurting out emotions while in the pains of labor + a disagreement with your doctor =/= institutionalization.

    Something is definitely missing.
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  15. I can see a doctor vindictively committing her for a few days if the husband was a dick, but I think her mistake was signing the form, because there is no way that the state can take her baby just because she blurted some shit out while in labor.
  16. Thank you all for your advice. As to the last poster that is the full story as I know it. There could be more to it she's not telling me but I doubt it. In my experience the state of california is run by morons and power hungry douche bags.
  17. Yeah they intimidated her and there is no way it was enforcable. I wasn't around when this was going on I live far away or I would have gotten involved. From what I hear the doctor really screwed up, the baby had the umbilical cord wrapped around its neck and it came out feet first she had internal bleeding and she probably can't have another child. Her husband called the doctor on that.
  18. Lol. I am pretty sure the doctor cant fuck up and magically have the feet come first or have the cord around the neck. That shit happends before the baby comes out. The fact that the baby lived with those conditions means he was a pretty good doctor. So it sounds like the husband blamed the doc for something he had nothing to do with. I can see why he would be mad after just saving the kid and mothers life.
  19. I was going to mention that too, it's not the doctor's fault if the baby has complications like being born feet first, or umbilical cord issues. How he dealt with such issues might be questionable I guess...
  20. Yeah... I agree with you. Something is missing in the story.

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