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when mary jane suprises you ....

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by weedleaf, May 31, 2009.

  1. today i got a bag of some pretty poopy shit it shaggy looking n really dark green but my boy assured me that it was good shit so i trusted him n got it ended up the tasted really good n even with how high my tolerance is i was decently high off just one joint i just love when mary jane suprises me... post ur suprises mary jane has given u doin this with playstation 3 typin with controller so sorry if writing is shitty
  2. I just did a solar hit for the first time.
  3. Here's a thread I wrote a while back on a different cannabis website. Weed never ceases to amaze me...

    As if we all don't already know; weed is the healing herb. I love weed. I love smoking it, I love eating it, I love the smell of it, I love being around it, and of course...I love how it makes me feel. Mary Jane is girl.

    I'm here to talk about just another reason why cannabis is so great. Nothing new or out of the ordinary here. Just feel like writing about it...

    I recently started a new job. I haven't had a job that deals so much with customer service in about a year. I was thrown into an environment I was unfamiliar with and forced to fend for myself. I held my own and did well..but damn was it stressful. I've been here for about 2 weeks now but the first few days were intense. I woke up before my third ever shift at this job and felt like shit. Ever just wake up and wish you didn't have to get out of bed for the entire day. I felt nervous, anxious, tired, irritable, and just not looking forward to the long day ahead.

    I hadn't wanted to smoke before this new job. I wanted to keep my mind clear and whatnot, but that morning...I just felt I should. I decided to take one fat bong rip about two hours before work and wowwww, did it help. All my 'bleh' feelings were out the door and I was more than happy to make some money that evening (no matter how stressful it was going to be). Later I thought, "I should be required to toke up before going in for this job."

    I've been smoking for close to 3 years now, so this is nothing new. But still. Sometimes we recreational smokers forget how much of a medicine marijuana can truly be used as. Ahhhh, the healing herb. You never let me down, MJ

    I'm sure many of you have had similar experiences to this. At the very least, Medical Marijuana needs to be legalized at the federal level.

    That is all. Keep toking.
  4. yeah.. ive smoked stuff that didn't look anything close to a high times centerfold.. but got high as hell.

    it's definately not all about looks.
  5. I got a surprise yesterday when i was desperate for a bit of hash an resorted to getting it off a cousin who usually gets shite stuff. this time it was amazingly nice to smoke and fairly stoney aswell. I lost what i had left of it today...
  6. Yea i picked upo an 1/8 about a week ago, this stuff was almost odorless, really dark and dense too. I thought my man had jipped me for the first time, but when i smoked it i was like DAAAMN. Now im sad i only bought an eighth :(
  7. Just happened on Friday actually,
    I was going to a family gathering, and decided it'd be less boring if I was a lil high. So I decided to smoke a bowl of some stuff I had left over from my last buy, mostly just shake and a little bit of keif.

    So I took a few hits and wasn't feelin to bad, and decided to take two more hits and then leave. So when I was packin everything away and puttin stuff back and such, It just hit me. I was blazed off my ass, And had to go to my dad's house for my little brother's birthday party.

    Wasn't expecting to be that blazed...But it made for a fun party. Haha
  8. congrats!!! maybe i should already know this lol but whats a solar hit? sounds like something i need to try... n theres another suprise i thought i knew everything there was to know bout smokin but not now lol
  9. #9 abnormldood, May 31, 2009
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    It's when you use a magnifying glass in place of a lighter. You get noticeably cleaner tasting hits.

    Edit: To add to the thread, I once got brown weed that got me higher than a lot of the high mids usually do around here.. could never explain that one. Another one that will surprise you is Durban Poison.. it doesn't look like the dankest bud ever but it sure does put you in the clouds.
  10. LOL yeah that's happened to me so many times.. i'd look at all the weed the dealer had.. get a bunch of the nice looking stuff and a little of the not so nice, and end up liking the ugly shit better.
  11. Just goes to show how people have become accustomed to expecting the good looks to mean a good smoke, which that isnt always the case.
  12. i just got some treee on saturday it is hella purple like didnt look alot like bud but when u smoke it its lame dammmm
  13. ya i once got this shit that was what i called twig and berries, looked like some real crap, me and this girl lit up and three hits in we were positive happy trees was the best show on television
  14. One time I left a bag of weed open in my car for a week, checked it for mold. I didn't see any mold and I figured it'd be shitty, but I put it in a joint and it got me pretty blazed.

    I've found some pretty good mids. Like I picked up a sack off a mexican connect and it smelled like pine trees and was extremely dark green, didn't figure it'd be as good as it was.
  15. never judge a nug by its discolor :p

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