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When making firecrackers in the oven, will the smell stink up the house?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Mysteri, May 3, 2011.

  1. I'm assuming it does, but how long will it smell for? I want to make some firecrackers, but I'm concerned about the house completely reeking of pot.
  2. Not at all. The only smell is 1-3 feet away from the stove. And it smells like melted peanut butter on some toast.

  3. Alrighty, thanks. Are edibles more potent than say.. a joint? If I were to put a gram into 2-3 crackers, would I get higher than if I were to smoke a 1 gram joint?
  4. Edibles are 10x more potent than a joint.

    A 1+ gram edible, if done correctly, is an INCAPACITATINGLY STRONG dosage of herb.
  5. already said but just reinforcing it. no smell at all and as said just smells like peanut butter haha if youre really paranoid just make some popcorn and it covers the smell completely.

    as for edibles vs a joint, i had a joint rolled for a concert but decided that it was too risky so i made two small crackers with the weed that was in the joint. i took them aprox 1/2 hour before the concert and by the time echo movement was playing ganja i was almost too high to stand hahaha do not underestimate the power of firecrackers.

    i used skippy natural peanut butter with some canola oil added to increase the fat content. baked them for 22 mins at 32 degrees and used approx .5 in 2 crackers.
  6. Do NOT underestimate firecrackers. First time I made one I put a gram of extremely high quality herb in one. Ended up greening out, had to go to bed.
  7. I don't want to get obliterated, so.. would 4 crackers with .25 grams be reasonable?
  8. if you dont wanna green out but wanna have a good time, do .5-.6 mids, or .3-.35 dank
  9. I ate about .4-.5 of dank in firecrackers. They tasted pretty bad... but they worked. It was definitely a cleaner type of high, but had some weird spiny type after effects. I felt a little sick but never greened. what a ride...
  10. Definitly agree, be very carful with edibles man. Especialy with that amount of bud in a cracker. The smell should be minimal, just dont burn them. Try to cook them when no one is home and you have plenty of time to do it. Open a window or turn on the hood vent in the kitchen if you have it.

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