when is to soon?

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  1. i have an outdoor grow and my boyfriend (who i live with) just discovered i have a grow he just hasnt figured out where it is ( and its not hid that well) . its got bud on it but its not completely ripe. ( its been budding for probably 3 and a half weeks now)

    anyway so will it hurt anything if i try and harvist it now? or in the next few days?
  2. This is like asking - How long does it take to cook a steak? Before you can answer, you need to ask - How do you like it??

    I harvest mine when the trichomes are about 50% amber. This gives me the high that I (and most of my customers) like. I use a cheapo pocket microscope to tell. Mid to end of September usually does me, in MY climate, but the ladies vary.
  3. 3.5 weeks is going to be pretty undercooked. What's his problem? Can you swindle at least another 2 weeks? Still early but a lot closer.

    And btw, welcome back Cantharis ;)
  4. i think i can stretch to 2 weeks hes making me take a drug test today so after that i think he might just drop it all togeather ( i know ill pass. witch is good and bad cause i havent smoked in the 4 months since he moved in x.x)
  5. why is he drug testing you, your a grown woman
  6. This is so sad...
  7. because he hates drugs and wants me to quit thinks ive quit and ive had this Convo before with some one telling me to leave him because he doesnt smoke and blah blah blah so dont give me that. + i agreed to the drug test i brought it up knowing it would get him off my back and that i would pass..
  8. your boyfriend's making you take a drug test like he's your mommy?

    ..tell him to F off and grow up :mad:
  9. Yea fuck that seriously my friend. Some deusch bags out there damn.
  10. well i dont know why your telling us all this if you already have it set in your mind what is gonna happen. Sounds like he needs to put some trust in you, I could care less about you finding a guy that smokes.
  11. Yeah I'm may not be the best person to take relationship advice from but you shouldn't be with someone who doesn't let you be yourself. Especially if they don't even trust you. Just be careful and don't get hurt/in trouble.
  12. i didnt figure out the drug test deal till after posting this thred + i kinda did wanna know along with it how long till i can Harvest?
  13. I was serious in my answer

    use these words......"fuck off and grow up!"
    Don't take the test!!
  14. Tell him to seriously go to hell and get a life.
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    I grew a plant before that could harvest in 6-7 weeks, but that's relatively short. Average time for most strains is 8 weeks or more. If you want to be sure, get a microscope or a jeweler's loupe and look at the trichomes, or the little thc "crystals." Judging their color is the only real way to tell when she's ready to come down. Basically you don't want any of them to be clear, or as few as possible. Check the link in my signature "Trichome 101" it'll tell you all about what you're looking at. Good luck.

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