When is the time transplant

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by The Cannabis, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. When is the time to transplant my plant into normal soil
  2. "Normal" soil? What are you using now, and what's "normal" to you?
  3. If your plant is still in seedling stage, i would generally recommend to transplant it at around 2 weeks to a 1 gallonish pot.
    The rule of thumb is one gallon for every 12'' of growth.
    So in order to avoid becoming root bound, i would recommend your final transplant to be in a 3-5 gallon pot, which i would do right before you start 12/12.
  4. cant you just have it in a plastic cup until roots grow to bottom of cup...then transplant to 3 gallon bucket??? most likely then you would not have to transplant again ?
    correct me if im wrong please i dont want to kill my plant when the day comes
  5. Yes you could of course wait until you see roots coming out of your cups, But hey they aint gonna live in those cups forever so you may as well transplant now, and sure you could go straight to a 3 gallon, i was just giving you what i think is the BEST advice IMO, go from cup at 2 weeks to a 1 gallon pot, then at say 5 weeks when flowering starts transplant to your final pot, of 3 gallons +, but i would say 5 will be much better

    Of course your way will most likely work out give that all other conditions are in check, so its up to you really:D
  6. SICK!
    thanks man thats some good advice
    always want people with experiences opinion

    well i think ill let them grow in a cup but take them out before roots show from bottom then ill just put in a 3 gallon. im sure it will be fine
    thanks again
  7. ya im at the peatmoss state now
  8. I only use one standard soil mix, which I mix myself with a load of different ingredients including peat, horse shit, garden compost, loam, sand, etc.
    My seeds pop in 5 litre pots of this (I use 5 litre mineral water bottles), then after sexing at about 6 weeks, the ladies go into 50 litre tubs of the same - the guys go on the compost heap, help make next years compost.
    I have never seen any need to mess about with different soils. But I am a well known heretic in these parts.

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