when is the sex of a plant determined

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  1. Is the sex of plant predetermined in the seeds DNA? or is the sex of a plant decided during vegetative growth?
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    im not really sure if sex is predetermined but it can be affected/changed through environmental changes. There have been some articles that say a lower temp(like 75ish) and certain ph and other things can make it more likely to be a female then male so idk. To see what sex it is you have to wait a little bit after turning the lights to 12/12 and see if little white hairs(female) or tiny little clustered balls(male) show to see the sex of the plant.

    Im not sure if the envoirmental affects can completely make it change sex but it hermies them. like by messing with the light cycle you can change a female or male to a hermaphrodite. I guess you can make that into a female if the balls are easy to remove and not everywhere but it wont be as potent or produce as much..not really worth the time

    i ditched my first grow cause it was a hermie..idk if it was from stress but it was probably just cause it was bagseed (ive never seed a zip of dro with so many seeds)
  3. You should be able to determine sex around the 6th week of veg if you veg that long as well.

  4. have a female pistil on day 31 of my DWC grow, super lemon haze. 24/0.

    it varies, but likely youll see it after nodes start alternating in veg, or if you switch it to 12/12 before that, about 3 days to a week after the flip.

    in my experience anyway.
  5. Yes

    The sex of a female can be changed during the life of the plant; a female can become a hermie. Colloidal silver and some other chemicals can be used to force females to product pollin which can be used to pollinate other females producing feminized seeds; while I believe that females that hermie due to stress can pollinate other females to produce male and female seeds. If this is incorrect, I'd appreciate someone setting me straight on this.
  6. Gender is genetically predetermined. None of the supposed methods of altering the gender are proven. If a female turns hermie it is still a genetic female.

    The process of producing feminized seeds proves that gender is pre-determined, because this process uses various methods of forcing a female to produce outwardly male flowers (pollen sacs), but importantly all of that pollen if female (X chromosome) because those are the only genetics a female can contribute. If that process caused the female to actually turn male then it would generate both female and male pollen, and therefore you wouldn't be able to produce feminized seeds.
  7. I run my grow lights at 24 hrs on but you can get the same results with 18 hrs on. Set your timer to 12/12. About 7 days later you will notice little ball sacs this is a male pull this plant right away. In 7 to 14 days you will notice 1 or 2 hairs starting to grow out of the pod between the leaf and the stem this will be a female. Go back to 18 or 24 hrs on:smoke:

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