When is the last time you...

Discussion in 'General' started by ghostonvacation, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. Watched the sunrise?

    Prior to this morning, I had been running on a pretty solid sleep schedule. However, I was bogged down with work overnight and ended up watching the sun creep over my cities buildings for the first time in months. I have to admit, it was pretty damn beautiful.

    When did you last make time to watch the sunrise?
  2. I see it most days, except in the summer when it comes up at like 5 am.

    Wake up stumble down to make coffee, shit and read yesterdays paper while coffee is brewing then sit outside to smoke a cigarette and watch the sun rise for 15 minutes while I collect my thoughts on the days work.

    I try to get in a good sunrise at least once a vacation...just get super blazed on the beach or mountains....Once I did this in Acadia NP and watched the sun rise with my feet hanging over this cliff toking up...Only problem my body's clock told me it was shitting time and I had no wipe materials and was about 2 miles up this trail from my car....needless to say I walked back sock-less that morning.
  3. I see it a lot. I work day shift or night shift so I either see it coming up as I'm going to work or as I'm leaving work.
  4. Last summer probably..I left this girl's house real early, walked to the top of a hill, and watched the sunrise. While smoking a bowl, of course :p
  5. I usually wake up way to early.
    Nothing more relaxing then smoking a joint, sipping some coffee while the sky is crimson and developing. I feel really at peace doing so. I haven't for a few days now but I conciously try and do it when I can. S'beautiful, well worth it.

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