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When is the last time you could pass a urine test without any "dirty tricks"

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by thereeferist, Feb 13, 2017.

  1. For me it would have been the summer of 1997. I didn't smoke any weed from early spring 1997 until October of 1997, so while I didn't actually have to pass any urine tests during this time period, I totally could have in the summer of 1997. I had no reason to quit smoking, I just didn't feel like it at the time.
  2. 11 years ago when i moved to a different state
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  3. Luckily have not yet had a piss test, but the last time I would have passed one would be in 2007 when I graduated High School so about 10 years ago.
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  4. I think it was about seven years ago. I once gave up weed and all other illegal drugs (and hit the booze like a motherfucker) for several months after I started working in emergency services. I think this was the only appreciable amount of time I've gone without smoking since I started smoking regularly as a teenager. Then I discovered synthetic and freeze dried urine, and I've been fried ever since :smoke:

    Edit: seven, not six. Where does the time go?!
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  5. IDGAF about a piss test. If they don't hire me, I panhandle outside thier door. I'll get your money before you do lol.
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  6. once, years ago, i could have passed an urine test, but then i got high...
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  7. Right now! I'm squeaky clean right now and could charge outrageous prices for clean pee :laughing:
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  8. For me, sad to say, it would have been early summer of 1973. I HAVE, however, passed 2 drug tests over the years, LOL!. The day I was leaving the hospital last June, a serious faced young man entered my room and ask if we could speak. He told me that they had found THC in my blood (Oh,no!) when I was brought in and offered me help quitting. I declined his offer, looked at my watch and told him in about 45 minutes I would be lighting a joint. I told him I don't drink at all and have no worries whatsoever about weed. I believe any drug test to be a violation of my right against unreasonable search and seizure, anyway. What could be more unreasonable than inspecting bodily fluids? That's why, all my life, I have considered weed not legal, but illegitimately illegal. I believe it is my duty as a free American to resist laws that I feel are unjust and cannabis being Schedule 1 is truly unjust. I have for 44 years basically ignored laws against weed and still have no criminal record. Better to be lucky than good, they say. Well, I'm 58 years old and all this typing has made me tired. I'm going to roll one, smoke it and go to bed. I need my sleep at my advanced age.. Peace, Comrades! Phezisica :smoking:

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  9. Early 1998, By the end of summer(Feb) I was full time smoking the herb.
  10. 2006 was the last time before having to stop from jan-August 2015.
  11. Quit for 3 months for a casino job still flunked lol

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  12. I could go 3 years and probably fail! Oh! no! Am I really that big of loser? I never wanted to be a loser! Now I've gone and upset myself, again. Not for long, though. It's going to hit 50 degrees today! Woo, hoo! Get the shorts out! Peace, Comrades! Phezisica:smoking:
  13. I'm not a heavy smoker, i have a fast metabolism, I work a physical job that burns a lot of calories/fat, and i drink a lot of water.. I could probably pass a urine test 15 days out of the month.
  14. I've never failed a drug screen and I've never tried to alter urine or anything. Though I don't smoke year round I've had drug screens on a Tuesday and I dabbed the Thursday before and passed fine. I also drink 2+ gallons of water everyday and eat clean and have hardly any fat (I keep abs year round) I run a lot and workout heavily 7 days a week smoking or not. I've tested it with a friend who died drug screening for his company tested me the day after smoking and every day up to day 5 after smoking and I've never popped. I have fitness on my side and clean lifestyle. I'm currently waiting to find out the ultimate test if I passed a hair follicle test which i took today and last I smiled was Jan 13 and heavily before then. We shall see

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  15. Around when i was 13....
  16. Not since June 2015.
  17. I would have tested clean without any tricks at the age of 11 and pretty much no later than that.
  18. Never. I was high at conception and have remained High ever since

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