When is the last time you committed a random act of kindness?

Discussion in 'General' started by bamf64, Mar 1, 2011.

  1. I was thinking today that people don't do nice things for each-other enough. I don't mean do a nice thing like buy someone a car, or a house. I'm talking about those little things you can do for others to make them happy. Also known as a random act of kindness(RAK). Things like giving a homeless person a few bucks(maybe even a joint:D), help someone pick up something they dropped when they don't ask you to, offering to give a buddy(or not) a ride home from school/work. Anything that includes going out of your way to do a kind act for someone who did not ask.

    When is the last time you committed a RAK? If you never have, or just haven't in a while, i encourage..NO, i CHALLENGE you to.

    If you want to, post your RAK. If not, that's fine too. It really doesn't matter if other people see or know what you did, as long as YOU know what you did.

    I have done a few RAKs the past few weeks, and am trying to do it as many as i can. I'm telling you, it makes you feel great.

    Have fun, and spread the positive vibes!
  2. Not sure, but I do remember one time giving one of my dealers $10 that he forgot I owed him.
  3. I filled my tank the other day and the attendant forgot to get my money for like 5 minutes. I definitely could have left, and he probably would have been fucked. but I hopped out and got his attention.

    other than that... I feel like I have had my hood up for the past few weeks
  4. common courtesy and politeness wtf?
  5. i help people all the time, the latest good deed done by Mr. Nice Guy(me for all you slow people) is that i munched out some of my friends at taco bell.
  6. well back when I had random interactions with people I was a lot nicer.
    Now I am secluded underneath my troll bridge...
    and I wear hoodies. and keep my head low.
    I believe the term is being "shady"
  7. eye contact ftl

    im a lowly maggot


  8. yeah i hate walking by people and the eye contact thing... i hat eitittttttttttt
  9. I made cookies for my neighbour BEFORE we smoked up, because they're her favourite; if I bake them afterward, I always add too much butter. Fuck yeah, oatmeal raisin!

  10. :metal:
  11. Oh god I hate that courtesy eye contact. Every time I go running, I feel like I have to say hi to every bastard that goes by. Its annoying. I try to keep my head down, but Ill glance for a half sec and Ill see them nodding or saying hi and Im obligated to respond...


    especially when its a really hot babe with a nice rack.. :D
  13. Found a wallet on the ground yesterday and gave it to some guy who claimed it was his. I really hope it was, but in the end i guess i did the right thing.

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