when is the earliest you can start vegging

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  1. absolute earliest to get at least 1 oz ish...
  2. This question has more left out variables than a 5th grade science project.
  3. :wave: I think you mean flowering, vegging starts when the seed germs.
  4. hahahaha sorry i haven't even started to grow yet so i cant really provide with much just want to keep it small its going to be a computer box grow in soil with 3 cfl lights on 18/6 until it can flower anything else? sorry im a supper ( stoned) newb lol

  5. thank you im still learning as you can tell....
  6. you want to veg for about 3-4 weeks. you make the call depending on the size of your plants
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    No probs dude :)

    Best advice is to go and find another computer case grow and see what they are doing.

    I'd check the journals section and steal some ideas while you still have time to plan your grow. Good luck
  8. thank you for your help i get my seeds 2morrow so hopefully all goes well thank you all
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    I strongly suggest getting a firm grasp on the basics before thinking about germing those seeds. The links in my sig will help.

    Like Thunder said, read the grow journals by other PC growers. It's a lot less expensive to learn from there mistakes :)

    You will probably find a lot of good info in this thread as well as get your questions answered by people who actually grow in PC cases.

  10. does this apply to auto-flower strains ?
  11. Autos stay on one light cycle 20/4 works best :wave:
  12. Veg the plant until it's 1/3 to 1/2 your target height.

    Make sure to factor how tall your grow space is, how tall your pots are, and how far away the light has to be from the ceiling and the plants.

    The more nodes you have the better because that's where buds come from.

    I grew one plant, about 4 feet tall and trained it through a screen to make lots of bud sites. Vegged about a month, flowered for about 10 weeks and got a little over 3oz.

    The veg time is up to you. You can start 12/12 flowering from seed if you want, but you get substantially less bud.

    The longer you veg the more bud you can get.

    Flowering time is not up to you.

    Once flowering is initiated w/ the 12/12 switch, the flowers have to ripen at their natural speed, which is genetically determined by the plant. Harvesting early will cause a loss of yield and potency, and harvesting late will cause some of the THC to have been broken down into other things like CBD and CBG. This might give you more of a couchlock kind of high, but it is argued that in some sense or another overall potency is decreased as well.

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