When is the best time to use bloom nutes?

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  1. honesty, in experience when would you say is the best time to use bloom nutrients? a week or two from harvest or just after iv switched to 12/12?

    all comments welcome :hello:
  2. 2 weeks after switching to 12/12 feed with bloom stuff.
  3. a week or 2 before... high N values during flower can cause stretching. i usually switch to bloom nutrients a week before i decide to go into flower, and also start bloom enhancers at the same time. with higher P and K values before flower it gives it a jump start on producing larger flowers faster from what ive seen.
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    Top answer right there, imho. In fact; I was going to post something very similar. Since my third (ever) 'indoor' grow, I have started feeding bloom nutes 7-10 days prior to switching the light cycle to 12/12. I found that my plants packed on the bud sites, not only sooner, but also at an accelerated rate (just as you mentioned). Noticeable results for sure - as compared to starting bloom feed the same day I switched to 12/12 (as I had done on my previous 2 grows).

    I'd also like to point out that my first 3 grows were all the same strain/genetics, so the comparison is absolutely legit, and without different variables, eg. same lighting, same line of nutrients, grow medium, etc. You are absolutely correct in saying that it also reduces the stretch which is usually seen in the first 2 weeks of 12/12. I also continue using the MH bulb for 7-10 days into the 12/12 cycle - HPS the rest of the way. I have found that this too reduces stretch.
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  5. Considering most growers I know that produce high quality bud flush between veg,and flower I would have to disagree.Most people use instant plant food theres no need to "jump start" anything IMO.
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    I too do a flush before introducing Bloom nutrients. You are correct - there is no need to jump start anything, however, the way I described it, is the way that works best for me, and a great many others. Peace

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  7. i also was using same lights same setup, same plant everything the same, but started getting more dense buds, and much more weight. a few plants i tried running veg nutes for the first week of flower and it took longer for preflowers to form and seemed a week or 2 behind the others.

    the ones that i used bloom ferts a week before switching were done faster, 7 weeks of flower from 12/12. the ones i used grow ferts for the first week, took 8 to 9 weeks to mature fully. could have been from using the bloom enhancers a week or 2 before, or could have been from switching to flower nutes sooner. made enough of a difference that i dont want to go back to how i was doing it, so i stick to what works best for me.

    i grow dwc plants though, idk if it would make a difference in soil or not..
  8. flushing is not good,you only flush if needed for mute problem

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  9. flushing is not good,you only flush if needed for mute problem

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    </blockquote>nute sorry spell check

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  10. I start Nutes between week 1 and 2 of flower.....right after I take my second set of clones.
  11. what about right before you introduce bloom nutes can you go a half veg half bloom feed?

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