when is the best time to plant outdoors in florida???

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  1. i planted some on april 28th. when can i plant again?
    culd i plant now? mid august and have some little ones by winter??

    plz helpp!!! got some crazy seeds i bred on accident tha im dying gto plant!!!!!!!!!

    might just plant some for the hell of it lol
  2. by now it is going to be too late. the plants begin to flower when the light drops under 12/12. in va that is sept 26. so if u germinated now they would have roughly about a month in a half to grow before flowering. that probably would not produce much yield. i would say that it would not be worth doing it now. better to wait till april and start growing then. i geuss u could have some small ones by then but i just dont think it would be worth it
  3. i think ill be straight. ima go for it. 10 seeds underway
  4. Keep posted on this I planted some today for an experiment I wanna compare yields when done
  5. I started July.28th with Sprouts on August 5th. I'll keep em posted if there is enough interest.
  6. pics when they come in !
  7. this is gunna be fun! lol
  8. I'm in fl too you gave til at least november. If you had some auto seeds they would be able to do a full cycle. But I say do it. Igermed a few and py them out last week just to see what will happen
  9. It depends on what part of the state you live in. Florida is a long state with like 3 or 4 grow zones. When I livd in So Flo everybody did fall grows with whatever genetics they had. A lot of patio growers and "Florida room" growers would keep a closet with some flouro tubes hanging just to keep them in veg longer. It's a lot of work moving them in and out, but it can be done. Good luck, I just put some in a wet paper towel this morning myself- we'll see how it goes.
  10. sweet thanks! im germin some now too!

    thanks for the advice n encouragement everyone!
  11. yeah I threw about 10 seeds in pots august 5th and have 7 decent sprouts. although were losing more and more daylight everyday, I'm sure well be okay and have a decent yield by mid october.
  12. oh yea most deff. lets do this shit!!!!
  13. you can plant in august just fine.. especially down in treasure coast or even more south.. i harvested a sativa dom on oct 1st that was started early april.. they won't veg as large, as at the end of august they'll pretty much start to bud (12/!2) really means nothing outdoors.. i seem to find in my location plants planted in april or may, begin to flower mid to late august.. that being said, u can totally grow a few, starting in august, I'm doing it a see speak.. lol.. and it looks even nicer and bigge then the one i planted in April... the humidity stunted her like a mofo, its ok i got a killer indica going in a window sill/ outside for some nice fresh air, dark, cool, dry bathroom for its dark hours, although i may not have to even do that this grow, humidity is in check this time of year.. june n july are BRUTAL tho for humidity. from what i was told, if u do it correctly, us south FL'ians can harvest 3 times in one season.. strictly speaking outdoor of course..

  14. I started my first grow ever in May and it ended in Sept. Im in south fl too. I grew her in a 3 gal pot and used organic MG soil and fed organic mg fert. The feedings were few and far between since I was scared of killing it.
    She made it through severe heat and the rainy season as well.
    The yield wasn't impressive although its alright because it is just for me.
    The buds were thin and air, although the weed seemed potent.
    Im on my third grow now since I lost my second plant to gender at 5 weeks.
    Here are some pics of my first grow...
    As you can see, it was very small. I looked at the trichs to judge when to harvest and I saw some amber. I harvested branches that looked ready. So harvest was done a little at a time.
    I want to make this grow different. Im nervous about using too much nutrition though.

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  15. How are those august babies doing? hopefully well!
  16. those look nice //static.grscty.com//public/style_emoticons/default/luxhello.gif yield? plant count? iD? oD? soil?? lol

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