When is the best time to harvest?

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  1. Hi all
    I'm growing Fast bud's out door for 54 days already.
    In a few days its harvest time.
    I read a lot about it, and i think i know what I'm going to do.
    but i didn't find answer to one thing that i look to
    When is the best time to harvest? day time? night time? early morning? middle of the night?

    also about drying.
    I live in an area with 65-80% humidity,
    what is the best whay to dry? or its ok to use every all the methods that i read about them?

    p.s u want me to upload some pic?
  2. Yeah man throw up a pic. But what I do is chop them when my light comes on. If you can dry them inside, they might dry to quickly outside, either that or humidity will get them.
  3. yea.. you dont dry them outside. it has to be dark and cool and dry, aka inside. you just hang it. but yea, when you chop, like the guy above me said, people usually do it within first five minutes of when their light turns on.
  4. I cant control the lights. its outdoor :)
    so daytime or night time?

    I add 2 photos of my 2 fast buds.
    They look so different!
    I don't know why but i got both of them in the same box from sweet seed...

    And the last photo, is to all of my babes. 5 Arura indca and 4 unknown medical seed

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  5. i hope you know, your first picture is a male plant. hope they dont pollinate your female.. and your plants shouldnt be close to harvesting yet.

    i would harvest in the morning, or bring them inside and keep em dark for a day or something.
  6. Yeah, first pic is definitely a male. It's probably already pollenated your females, but remove it anyway.
  7. My English is little bit lame, what is pollenated ?
  8. The pollen from the male made your other females male by releasing pollen and it catching on your female plants pistils. Thus making your females start making seeds
  9. Holly sh*t. Do u think by the photos that all my 9 females will make seed becuse of him?
  10. Its possible but if the are close to being done then I don't think it will affect it much, you might find a seed or 2 but it happens. How far is that one from your others?
  11. Holy shit.. I can't imagine how you feel right now. Taking care of that piece of shit male

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