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When is resin dry enough to smoke?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by JaysForDays, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. I did the method where you put your bowl in a glass cup, fill it up with water, put a bowl(like cereal bowl) underneath the glass cup and put it in the microwave, putting it in for 45 sec's at a time like 4-6 times. AND OH MY GOD I GOT SO MUCH RESIN..

    I know resins bad for me don't post if you're just going to say that.. I have a bunch of it on a white piece of paper just chilling right now for the past 10 mins.. When can I smoke it? It seems to be kind of wet, but more like just regular resin.:smoke: Thought I wouldn't smoke tonight!
  2. Does it smell if you do that? And do you have a link to a tutorial for that or something? I wanna try it now lol.
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    Just do it as I said man, have a coffee filter in your sink and at the end carefully and slowly pour what's in the bowl and whats in the cup into the filter in the sink, it should collect all the resin. Put your bowl(smoking) on a cloth or whatever, you might want to pour the bowl(cereal) out into the filter first as the smoking bowl is hot as fuck along with the cup.

    It doesn't smell that bad, but the cup and the bowl you might want to get rid of afterwards. Also, leave your microwave open after for about an hour for all the smell to go away.

    EDIT: you can't really mess up so don't try to over think it lol I just did it without thinking and it worked. Just be careful when your bowl gets hot like that if it gets put on a cold or hard surface it'll crack.
  4. Swipe the flame from your lighter over it to dry it off like a blunt or like when i dropped my joint in a glass of water :smoke:
  5. [quote name='"TheNanners"']Swipe the flame from your lighter over it to dry it off like a blunt or like when i dropped my joint in a glass of water :smoke:[/quote]

    Ahhh that sucks!
    Ive lost my joint to a toilet before.. Dont ask.
    But really.
    I would maaaaaayyyyybe consider smoking reclaim from my oil rig.
  6. Wouldn't iso propyl alcohol be better instead of water?
  7. I haven't smoked nearly enough resin to know any difference, when I've smoked it it was always basically just scrape it out and put it on the bowl lol, I'm sure over all the years I've used bud I've smoked resin less than 10 times. So learn something new everyday :)

  8. Not if you want to smoke the resin. That would just ruin it and probably be really bad for your lungs.
  9. It can be dry or wet. When the flame hits it, it will burn off any excess shit in there.
  10. No, you are 100% wrong. The alcohol will actually work much better as a solvent than water and will evap out faster. So long as you allow it to dry, there will be no alcohol when you smoke it.

    Guess you've never made qwiso?
  11. ya alcohol would work much better. just dont put that shit in the microwave
  12. As soon as it's dry enough to burn you can smoke it.

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