? When is my plant gonna bud?

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  1. High GC! RJToker here, well i am on my first grow as we type (links down below) and she is outdoors and is showing NO signs of budding yet...? She is indeed a female, i know that for a fact, but just seems to keep growing leafs. It is getting kinda late in the season and i am just wondering if i should be worried or why it is not budding just yet.?

    Any help or tips are much appreciated.:smoking:
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    Just hang on a little longer my friend, it will happen when they and the earth are ready.

    I'm in Oregon and am now I'm guessing, in about the second-third week. Balls were just forming on the males, and the ten left are looking very good. I have one trainwreck that is massive, one Shiva, and the rest are Mandala Safari mix, crosses between White Widow and Kalichakra, mandala strains.
    If all goes according to plan, and Mandala is even close to the projected harvest weight, OMG!!! They project 400-550 per meter sq. Four of them are approaching eight feet tall, guessing 10-12 feet around. Others are close behind.
    Enjoy the fall and your harvest!!

  3. heavy sativas take forever to flower.......im sticking to hybrids next year........wanted to experiment but forget it..........
  4. good things come to those who wait......

    patience is a virtue......

    nothing compares to the head high of pure late season sativas.
  5. Hiigel- Ok man thanks. i will give it time.

    Dago- i envy your grows bro. Thanks

    NBN- HAHA I cant wait!!!( well.... i can, but you know what i mean):smoking::smoking:

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