When is it too much for one man to take?

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  1. No sarcasm, no hate, no stupid comments please. I'd like to hear your opinion regarding people who take their own lives, when do you think a burden is too heavy for one man to carry?
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  2. Never? I guess only if I had a terminal diagnosis and was in agonizing pain all day.
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    I see it as the easy way out. 
    Only time i could respect that decision would be if someone has a debilitating disease they're going to die from, are permanently paralyzed from neck down, or your really really old and dieing.
    But if its over something like your financial situation, your family situation, or your lifestyle choice then suck it up like everybody else.
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    Only the individual is capable of making that call.
  5. I might only consider it if I lost all of my family. And I mean all. Which would never happen. Unless there was nuclear warfare. But then I'd be gone too. 
    Or if I had a painful terminal disease that I simply couldn't cope with, like someone else said.
  6. Every man is different I guess for me it will be when I become completely useless. I have Cluster Migraines, "The Suicide Headache", and that was pretty depressing when my neurologist told me that, because I was  like "So, there is a cure".. And I used to be a raging alcoholic because of the constant pain, and when they'd subside it was just a matter of time for them to come back. So I was either in pain or preparing to be. That was a dark time. Then I had some other shit go down a few years back....and figured that was it. But all that blew over. And now I smoke weed which helps immensely with the pain and the depression. It also helps lighten my mood and I guess it helps with the PTSD from just resigning myself to being dead.... For me I think it'll be a spur of the moment thing. Not really planned, maybe out of anger or whatever. Everyman is different. But I think that no matter what, it should be when there is absolutely NOTHING to look forward to. And every day I see something that makes me wonder what is going to come the next.
  7. Or woman*

    No one should think nothing is too much because none of us are in the persons shoes , we don't understand their situation or the pain they've had to endure. Lost family members , abuse , rape. All kinds of things.

    "Do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the law" is my new favorite quote. It is their body , it is their decision whether or not they want To live on this world , whether or not they feel taking their life is right , and when they want to die. It is their body and we as outsiders don't have the right to criticize or dictate that persons choice.

    I mean I don't agree with it , I would want to try to understand why they did it , or why they want to do it. But at the end of the day it's their life. Maybe after they take their lives they are full of relief and happiness that the hardship they had to endure is over. Maybe it's selfish to ask a person that's down and out , hurt , trampled upon , abused , and depressed , that things get better. Because We don't know that to be true.
    This. 1000x this.
    Depression is a disease. We shouldn't judge people's actions just because their life doesn't look too bad from the outside.
  9. Real subjective question.

    I suppose too much would be when the lots of hardship and loneliness are ahead. Life is hard but sometimes things are just not worth it. Sure life can get better for that person but unless they have people around willing to help them through life it might be too much to bare.
    Though if someone wants to kill themselves I say that person should seek help first. Talk to a counselor/psychologist/therapist first. Sometimes people who try to kill themselves and fail find out how much better life can get. If after like a month of treatment the person still wants to do the deed I say go for it. Be selfish of me to force someone to live who does not want to no matter how sad it'll make me. Though in a way it can cut both ways. Selfish of the person to kill them self and leave me in whatever situation I am in. Personal liberties win out though.
    Maybe a doctor can do it or they can hire someone to help them. This way organs can be harvested and there is not a huge mess for a family member to clean up. Dont want people blowing their skulls off and blasting brain matter all over the walls. The cops dont clean that stuff up. They take what evidence they want and remove the body. Blood stains and small pieces of human are left for the family. Can you imagine all that added in with decomposition when the person is not found for days?
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    My last paragraph there. If people help others kill themselves and we set up right to die clinics it is going to be a all new abortion debate.
    People murdering suicide doctors(or hit men) and bombing suicide booths.
  11. So you're suggesting a suicide clinic sort of like an abortion clinic , but for adults... Interesting.

    That sounds really awesome actually , not awesome as in woo hoo suicide . But awesome as in acceptable , maybe even helpful

    Gonna write a thread on this now , lol
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    I would say for sure that anyone having homicidal thoughts should.
    But for "normal people" I would say that it differs for every person. A vast majority of people never reach the tipping point, but it is not black and white. There is no way for anyone to say if _______ happens you should kill yourself. Plus there is hope all around you if you look for it. Losing your job does not mean you should kill yourself. Look at that homeless guy with the radio voice. The cleveland cavaliers  offered him a house and a job that would cover his living expenses for two years.
    As someone above mentioned, it is completely subjective. I understand why some people do it, though I would never do it myself unless I have like a one month to live type of situation.
  13. I'd say it would have to be when the person is dreading to be alive on a daily basis to the point where it affects everything they do. No pleasure from hobbies, no focus, no drive, no willpower, no hope for the future. Sadly I've had all of these symptoms but somehow I still haven't taken my life. I hope I don't snap one day..Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  14. Everyone is different. What one can bare easily can break another. I encourage those suffering to get help, but I would never presume to understand the depth of what another person is going through.
  15. The thought of failing suicide is scarier than succeeding.
  16. i would kill myself to get something i want more than my life.
    right now that thing doesn't exist. maybe it will one day.
  17. There are many varying factors to take into account. Are you clinically depressed? Are you terminally ill? Who are you leaving behind? In what situation are you leaving these people behind?I am still very much on the fence when it comes to suicide. As others have said, if there is terminal illness involved! I fully support suicide though I believe it should be assisted, therefore legalised. Have you had a bad year? Lost your job, wife kicked you out, kids have flown the nest, even your dog hates you? Suicide is not the answer.Feel like you can't connect to yourself, can't figure out what's wrong, always depressed, life is shit, why even bother? Suicide is not the answer. I suppose it also comes down to personal choice. If you truly believe you have no other options, then it is going to be far more appealing to you than life. But one thing that gets overlooked is what happens to the people you leave behind? The loved ones who find your body, the family you are no longer there for, the wife and children who will never see you again. The friends you've made who will never understand why you did what you did. Suicide is not a solo endeavour as so many people seem to think it is. It is the cruelest, harshest thing you can do to your family and that alone should prevent people from taking their own lives. I have some friends who say it is also the most selfish thing a person can do. But these are just my thoughts, I'm no professional. I would say seek someone you can talk to, but I know how hard that can be.
  18. I work for an evil corp. my conscience  and the shit I have to go through with them... I'm feeling bad about it. I have been for a while, I don't know what to do, really.
  19. Only the individual knows when they will arrive at the dreaded "Tipping Point". When it comes to chronic pain type situations, I do not look poorly upon somebody who ends their life due to a long protracted battle with pain. I understand that suicide reveals itself with distinct levels. And many people talk about wishing they were dead, however, most of them are venting more than anything. Think of it as the exercising of one demons. It's out there, they may think they want to, but they don't and more than likely won't. The dark, black line that one finally crosses, is indeed the one they won't come back from. That is a different kettle of fish.
    Suicide is a topic that needs more disussion in the household. It's much like that of the alcoholic. It does nobody one ounce of good to pretend it doesn't exist and then allowing denial to take hold. Personally my experinces has taught me that walking on eggshells around a troubled individual is absolutely the WRONG way to go.

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