When is it too late to grow outdoors?

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  1. I live in the deep south, so it is still pretty warm here (getting well into the 90's daily). I have some seeds that I'd like to plant outdoors, is it too late? No idea what strain.

  2. Yeah too late man, unless you have greenhouse with supplemental lighting
  3. Would I get any results at all? Doesn't start getting really chilly until  November usually. The plants wouldnt even produce a tad?
  4. Doesnt go by the temps bro. Goes by the amount of sunlight. Highly doubt u would get anything. They need to veg before they flower.

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  5. But it's sunny as shit out here 24/7 D: lol
  6. i think id at least get something, no?
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    No bro you gotta think it takes a seed a week to germinate and grow up until a seedling. Then at least 4-6 weeks to show preflowers then it's gotta flower and grow buds for 6-10 weeks providing your seed turns out female. you got a 50/50 shot with bag seeds. i dont You don't have enough time bare minimum you'd be 12 weeks from seed to harvest and that's in a controlled environment with optimal lighting. Your talking about growing outdoors where you have a fixed time period dude to the light cycle. Go to the weather Channel and look at sunrise and sun set times for your area. Add 30 mins to the sunrise and subtract 30 from sunset. If your left with 16 or more hrs then you might have time to veg a week before its kicks over to flower. any less than 16 and your seedling would immediately start to flower. This will cause the plant to be stressed and produce less and less from a seedling would be almost none. Not worth the risk to have an illegal plant that isn't gonna produce but a joint or 2. What do we know tho, Go ahead and try it. Waste some seeds and have a learning experience. If you really want to grow be patient and wait Til next season and in the meantime get a few books on the subject and learn all you can to apply to your grow you will be much more satisfied when your harvesting a quarter pound instead of a few grams at best. I suggest the Indoor/ outdoor medical marijuana grow bible. By George cervetes. It's a very informative book for any new grower.
  8. What this guy said. And I know you are not getting 16 hrs if light now.
  9. dude i live in the south as well, and i got my beans in the ground right around the first week of june, which is like 4-6  weeks late, and i am going to be lucky to get a ounce out of each plant...  its just pushing the limits.. its all about lighting brother. trust me when i say it, germinate end of april and let that shit grow... and read read read till then.. take notes, buy all your supplies, and then youll be ready to rock and roll for next spring..  go scouting for you location too. lots of planning and thought goes in to a successful, high yield grow. not saying i did, i just germinated by luck, like 12 plants, kept half and gave the other half to a friend...  all bagseed
  10. No oz there.
  11. right right? it is what it is bro... i more less enjoy growing and learning for future purposes.. i just as soon smoke my own 8th than buy one.. i got $50 in my grow if that
  12. You can veg them indoors until they are big enough then throw them outside to flower.
  13. So veg indoor, then flower outdoors would work Arnold? In the winter the days are something like 12/12 in the south. Also, what about auto fems? Don't they flower no matter what? Would the yield be the same with the autos regardless of light?
  14. Great advice. I spent the whole off season and season reading and learning everything I could. Knowledge is the key to great marijuana. Keep thing organic. It will produce great amounts of quality meds. You reuse the soil every year after adding amendments. The soil gets better every year. My plants have doubled from what I grew last year. I might get 2-3 lbs a plant composure to a half max last year. For best results start with feminized seeds inside and start them around April or May. Let them veg for a month or so under lights and slowly introduce them to sunlight. Plant in the ground in a high quality soil. The joke should be as big as possible. 3x3 works well. Bigger and deeper is better. The more work you put in prep work the better the result at the end. Plant should be planted from May to June. Some try July but even then is too late. If you want to learn now I would buy lights and grow indoors.

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