When / Is Cal Mag necessary

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  1. Trying to figure out a good soil mix to come up with for future seedlings and plants ( I am new to this ). Was wondering if anybody had some pointers on a good / simple mix. And maybe help me out with the subject of cal mag ?

    Also do these young plants look like they should be in a bigger pot ? Also should I start feeding them nutes yet seeing as I started with fox farm ocean forest soil ? They are on day 20. I have made some mistakes so please excuse how small they are lol

    Thanks people 20190817_162347.jpg
  2. Because i grow under hi power LED I use a half dose of calmag and silica every other watering during Veg and haven't had any issues with deficiencies

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  3. When I originally started these ( July 28th ) I made the mistake of not ph'ing my water and over / underwatering. I also did not add any perlite to my mix so I believe drainage was not as efficient as should be.

    So now I'm just watering them with ph'd water and thinking they are ready for some light nutes ? I was going to start giving them a light dose of fox farm Big bloom ( this is what the feeding schedule recommends). But I was going to cut it in half to be safe

    They seem to be ok but they have been through alot. Wondering what I can do at this point to bring them back to where they should be
  4. From what I read online it said only really need to use cal mag if the ph is low ? What exactly does cal mag help with ? And when should use it
  5. Just a suggestion , use 1/4 to 1/2 the recommended dose of nutes for your first
    Few feeding then only feed every other watering .
    They should acclamate well

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  6. Pot size is good. I’d still be in a solo cup or 5.5” pot at that size. To me they look way overwatered. At that size a couple cups of water should be good per watering.
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  7. Oh i use it also because im using RO water
    It helps with calcium and magnesium deficiency

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  8. If ur soil n water doesnt have calmag, id use it every watering, or atleast every other

    Its just what plants need, can always google what it does..
    My zuchinni plants' flowers and fruit was constantly rotting this year, after researching i learned it was lacking calcium.

    Now i give it calmag and im poppin out some beauts

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  9. When my plants are that size i use a typical 12oz water bottle to water and feed
    Every 2-3 days .
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  10. Right !?
    But man I really try and barley even water them. Like the soil is absolutely bone dusty dry when I water them. I read it's a fine line as far as over and underwatering and I'm having a hard time finding the balance. That's why I was thinking i have to add perlite to my next mix for sure.
    Really trying not to over water but scared to underwater as well
  11. I see. I'm just using tap water so I'm guessing I shouldn't need it ?
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  12. Thank you buddy
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  13. You bet !
    Happy growing .[​IMG]

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  14. Plants will tell u when they need watering. When water gets really low the leaves will slowly start to droop, then they will wilt. That’s when ur letting it get to dry. At that size u won’t be soaking all of the soil. Just the top of soil a couple inches away from center around the plant to outside so plants roots grow out. As it gets bigger you add more water to soak all the soil so roots grow down. It’s be better to water more often then to much less often
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  15. When I used fox farm I used cal/mag every watering and it was great
  16. That makes alot of sense thank you. Some articles say the symptoms or over/ underwatering can be similar so its a little confusing. I read that the leaves will also drop if theres to much water cause there water logged in a sense. But I appreciate the explanation as far as watering around the plant and not directly on it that total sense

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