when is bud at its most potent?

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  1. since 1/4 of my plants where female im not going to have as much bud as i thought i would. so i want to harvest my bud when its at its peak potency. does anyone excatly when this is?
  2. you need a magnifying glass thing and then you look at the trichs idk the rest i bet someone will know
  3. I'm not an expert but I know the trichs on the bud will turn amber color and the hairs will be orange/reddish. You'll need a magnifying glass
  4. it depends on what you want to feel like when you smoke. a more amber color in the trichomes will signify a more couch lock stone were as a more cloudy to amber ratio will signify a more uplifting high. you need a microscope or atleast a magnifying glass to tell this but usually a way to tell is when 75 percent of the hairs are reddish brown or an amber color.
  5. i never decide on the hairs or pistils or whatever cause those grow and die off all of the time....just go by looking at the trichomes i usually like it half clear half cloudy/amberish
  6. This is like being asked - How long does it take to cook a steak? Before you can answer, you have to ask - How do you like it??

    You get DIFFERENT highs depending on the colour of the trichomes. I like to harvest when the trichomes are about one third to one half amber.
  7. This should answer your question. I recommend the cloudy white, but it's all about your preference.

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  8. also bud is most potent in the early morning hours
  9. Scientists today at Harvard University confirmed that weed is most powerful at the moment it is pressed to the lips.
  10. Good one Old Pork.
  11. Good ol' OldPork.... always the jokester!! The bud that you are currently growing you can fully decide when a plants at it's fullest potential by looking at the trichomes closely. BUT... as we all know that a certain plants potency depends on it's genetics. BTW, I know the question was meant for the bud he is growing now and at what time it is at it's highest potency.. I just thought I would throw that out there for the newbies that don't research any.
  12. I think most bud is at it's best when trichomes are between 50%-70% amber at harvest. Then it needs to be dried properly, and cured for at least another month. This process smooths out the smoke, and enhances flavor and aroma. Potency also increases - sometimes dramatically - with a good cure.

    I've tested fresh-dried bud, and didn't think much of it... only to come back to it a month or two later and be blown away by it.

    Patience = potency.

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