When is a sprouted seed considered to be in veg?

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  1. Wondering when to turn LED (viparspectra 600w) on full spectrum (both veg and bloom switches) and when to up nutrients... but need to know when a sprout/seedling starts first week of veg.

    Have been using only the blue light (veg switch) spectrum on my LED for starting seeds. Also only been giving 10% strength of nutrients required for seedlings according to general hydroponics feed charts for seedlings on bottle (growing in pro-mix hp).

    Check these out... can i now use the first week vegetative nutrient chart (at 10-15% strength?) rather than the seedling one and should I turn on full spectrum now or wait until third node? Thank you for any suggestions or help.

  2. From what I read the seedling cycle can take from 2-4 weeks before veg starts

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  3. I think ones they have a full 7 leaf they are considered vegetative
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  4. I'm still new so definitely not an expert by any means, but different people have different ideas on this so it's more or less just a decision by you.

    Some go by age, some by height, some by nodes, some by fingers.

    I'm currently on week 2 (day 19 total) with my 5th node currently almost fully extended, and personally think that when the plants start metabolizing their seed leaves (cotyledons?) And when they start fattening their stem so that it looks like it's shedding a layer of skin (will post picture) Is a good and different way of knowing. When you grow 12/12 from seed it needs to grow enough to become sexually mature before it will start acknowledging it needs to start flowering, this is apparently somewhere around the 2 week mark. That age is when this "shedding skin" started happening for me, and where my theory comes from.


    But just to be clear, I'm by no means an expert I'm just passing on information and adding in my (near useless) 2 cents.

    As for the lights though it completely depends on what you have. Definitely play it safe, but the more light the better unless you start running into heat stress or light burn. You're growing a very resilient plant so if you're careful you shouldn't kill them.

    Probably best to leave the nutrients for now or bump it up ever so slightly, the lights are more important for growth right now.

    Please don't take my word as gospel though, do more research and decide for yourself. Play it safe and if they're looking fine then you'll be fine.
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  5. Dunno if there’s a single correct answer but I consider them seedlings untill they’re about 2 weeks old and are rooted up enough to handle proper lighting and nutes.
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  6. Never really considered this before. I always considered it vegging once it sprouts.
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  7. First it's a tap root, then it pokes above soil and is a seedling while the roots grow for a week or so then you'll see growth above soil again. Imo it's not in veg until it starts above soil growth anywhere from a 7 to 14 days

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  8. For me (hydroponic grower) the veg starts at about day 8-12 after germination.

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  9. when a plant can be safely topped is considered veg that's usually around the third or fourth node appears
  10. okay, do i start counting nodes from the first single leaf set (not cotyledons but the next leaves that appear?)
  11. after, good luck! feel free to msg me if you need any further help
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  12. I usually wait for the 3rd set of true leaves before upping nutes and light intensity.
    It's not an exact science though when it comes to the light.
    Seedlings grow just fine in sunlight, so as long as they're not showing signs of heat stress or bleaching you can give em more power without worrying much.
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