When is a plant considered flowering?

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  1. Hey guys quick question , when is a plant considered flowering ? I'm in my first week of 12/12 and my plants have developed a good amount of pistols (post pictures later if needed) does this count as flowering or would it be when I start to see buds form? Tiger bloom recommends to use at first signs of flowering
  2. when the bud sites explode in flower
    some breeders call the start of flower from flip and some call it from the start of actual flowering, usually ~10 days after flip.
    I usually start by mixing veg/bloom nutes (at 1/2 concentration each) during transition and then go straight bloom once the flowers show up. This new line of nutes I am using recommends a completely different nute (10-30-20) during transition, but I think its the same as mixing, like I said.
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  4. If you're seeing pistils, the plant has begun to flower. Be careful not to over fertilize by cutting back a bit on the nutes, it's better to under fertilize than over fertilize. Check out the nutrient threads on the forum. Harvesting will still be a long ways off, (probably about 8 wks depending on strain) but you're on the way! Whenever you ask questions about your plant/s, it's always a good idea to post pics, so others can see what you've got with their own eyeballs. :)
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