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When Is A Bowl Considered Done?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by stoner099, Jul 7, 2014.

  1. my friends and i commonly fight over this. is a bowl considered "cashed" or finished when there is no green left on the bud or when its all white ash? because i want to get the most out of my weed but i don't wanna be smoking something that wont get my high you know?

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  2. Just smoke what you want until you want to re-pack the bowl. It's an entirely subjective concept, varying from person to person; not all people want to deal with the taste that goes with smoking until it's all white ash.
    I personally smoke until it's all white because I too want to get the most out of each bowl I smoke, no matter how odd tasting it can be. 
  3. Personally, I smoke til it's all white ash. Get the most out of my bud.

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  4. I had a friend that would dump green and it would piss me off. The bowl aint finished until it stops smokin.
  5. the bowl aint done til theres ash on your tongue
  6. This is my method. I smoke the bowl, as usual. If I or someone else think the bowl is done, I turn it upside down and gently tap it. All the white ash should fall, what little charred up/black/not fully smoked bud will stay in. Now you whoop out your hand dandy pocket knife and push what left into the middle. Usually only a hit worth.
  7. Till ur like fuck I'm tryina smoke dust

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  8. I don't like to push it around too much but Im with prettyfly for the most part..I hit it till it is loose and should all fall out with a light tap to the underside, or better yet a smack to the palm.
  9. I usually go until it's white ash,  unless it's unbearably bad tasting.
  10. The way I figure, when the bud is black, it's just the outside that's burnt. The inside is still green (probably) and is good to smoke. I wait till everything turns to white ash.

    What I do is wait for the top layer to be white, then I lightly blow on it and anything that's not bud blows out.
  11. Yep. Don't go by color, go by substance. I've seen lots of people who seem to be against "poking it," but if you're gentle, you probably won't push anything through, and will be able to identify whether there is any/enough remaining solid matter.
    The last ashy partial hit is subjective and optional, and is not worth arguing about.
    It's kinda like the "spit pit" principle for beverages. Once you've taken several swigs from the same container, you've back-washed into it, at least slightly, and you or someone else might not want a whole swig of concentrated back-wash. :p
    But if you're dumping chunks of green, that's wasteful.
    If you know the piece/bowl and what's in it well enough, it should be pretty obvious whether there is enough for a good last hit, or whether it will be a futile attempt, resulting in a mouthful of ash and resin chunks.
    My own personal technique involves using the smallest amount of flame-to-green i can manage (i challenge myself to make the smallest possible scorch mark on green hit, and then cover it to slow/kill any cherry), until the top green is not visible. After that, expect only maybe one good hit remaining, and you might as well full-flame and full-pull that last one.
    I think a lot of the inexperienced folks are torching whole green bowls in one hit, and being surprised by how hard it hits them. Don't do that. ;) (unless you're a veteran and know you want to do exactly that)
  12. I smoke it until there's no more smoke being produced

  13. pack a bowl you can pull, and pull it. 
    pretty easy  :ey:
  14. I always smoke until it's white ash, but I never ever take the last little hit that's left. I just toss it because I dislike the taste of ash so much. And I know some friends who do the exact same thing, and all I say is good thing it ain't my bud they are doing that with.
  15. I always smoke until it's white ash, but I never ever take the last little hit that's left. I just toss it because I dislike the taste of ash so much. And I know some friends who do the exact same thing, and all I say is good thing it ain't my bud they are doing that with.
  16. until I taste the butane from my bic
  17. I smoke all the bud to white ash, and then i take a few resin hits for good measure.
  18. It's cashed when you can't light it anymore.
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    Like any other substance that can burn, cannabis is not completely gone until it is white ash. Even the black stuff in the ash is resin and can be smoked for a further effect (which is why people smoke the gunk that comes out of their bowls after a cleaning).
    I smoke from my bowl until I see white ash at the top. Then I use a toothpick to empty out the top half of it, and continue to smoke the bottom half.
    A common mistake I would make before smoking I smoked daily is emptying the bowl too soon. As soon as I saw ash I would empty the whole thing when I could have got 3-5 more tokes. 
    In simplest terms: smoke it until it doesn't burn any more,
    If you empty your bowl when it's no longer green you're wasting an incredible amount of bud.
  20. I'll dump a bowl when it starts to taste like resin, only happens when I forget to clean my piece and overstuff it. But yea, I have no problem dumping a still-smokeable bowl if it starts to taste like shit. I also pack down the bowl after a couple of hits for a more concentrated smoke, know that bothers a few people but at least I corner first greens. :bongin:

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