When in the relation ship to you tell someone you love then

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  1. In the begging? Or like a month through, I just really Want to know
  2. when you're sure you guys actually love eachother, this isnt high school.

    the L word can fuck everything up if you guys arent ready for it.
  3. When you love them. Maybe the day you meet them, maybe never.

    fuck, this is what I mean. Love means nothing now, its a word. It's like its a job to be in a relationship.

    That shit aien't real love bro, your just doing what you think your suppose to do.
  4. 42 days after the first kiss, that's the rule I go by...

    Or when you actually mean it, that might just be crazy enough to work.
  5. Tell everyone that you love them if you do, would make the world a better place:smoke:
  6. man, you posted this thread twice you ass.
    i went into the other one
    see my post
    and it totally psyched me out into beliving it was all a hallucination
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    That happened to me man, I got confused for a little
  8. My belief...only tell someone you love them, if you actually love them.

    now you can break it down to types of love...

    but if you mean 'in love' then people should use the L word only, and I mean ONLY, if they are in love (your 'love' may not be returned though, but then true love doesn't need to be returned, although it does make for a wonderful life when it is)

    slinging the L word around as a means to me 'nice' (or to 'get some') just diminishes the meaning behind it;)
  9. this is so the wrong section for this question. :D and not just because there's already a section for this type of stuff, either.

  10. what is "love" really? You can only go by your subjective perception maann...

    :D :p

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