When I'm high I sometimes start to understand Christianity...

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  1. It really freaks me out. does that happen to anybody else?
  2. When I'm high I sometimes start to understand Islam.

    Go figure.
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  4. Well, when i'm high, i get really stoopid. :hello::hello::hello::hello:
  5. The whole Muhammad flying from Mecca to Jerusalem on a winged horse with the angel Gabriel -- it makes a hell of a lot sense if you really think about it.
  6. Y'all are mean
  7. it seems when i'm high, i'm more inclined to discover and realize falsehoods or fallacies within the faith of christians
  8. i realized that people ether take the Bible to literal or ether are butt hurt by the idea of it but if we actually took what it said as lessons that apply to our lives rather then 100% truth, the world would be a whole lot better.
  9. i remeber in middle school when i learned how to find the moral of a story... i think the bible has a moral to follow just like every other book.

    christianity is largely fucked up right now which makes any sensible person not want to be a christian. fuck all these people profiteering off of fear based faith... this isnt the goddamn pre-reformation.
  10. Even then, there's lots and lots of books we can do this with. I have bookshelves stuffed with those sort of books. The only difference is, this one comes with a significant portion of the world population telling me it's literal truth.

    Larry Niven's fans don't do that.

  11. Agreed 100%. I was just saying my thoughts on the Bible as it pertained to the thread lol. shit we could learn lessons about life just by being more conscious of our actions through out the day. everything is a potential lesson that can apply to our lives, we just have to want to find it.

    and growing up in a christian school seing how much they push that as 100% truth is honestly sad :(
  12. I too am inclined to occasionally turn off the logic part of my brain.
  13. It makes watching John Woo movies much more entertaining.
  14. Stories, stories, and more stories....If you can understand a fable and a metaphor...you can understand the Bible....those stories just apply to how to understand the Spirit....but are not....IMO...to be taken literally.

    Back then they needed that shit to understand...it was all relative to that time and place.
  15. It's easy to understand religion.

    But for me, it's not so easy for me to believe.
  16. It's easy to understand religion.

    But for me, it's not so easy for me to believe.
  17. When I'm drunk I want to try to read the bible backwards
  18. Maybe that's how reading right to left originated in Japan.

    Don't underestimate the sake
  19. QF mothafuckin T
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    I'm not trolling when I say this just happened to me a minute ago; the mindset immediately broke when I remembered this. It was trance like :smoke:

    Indeed don't underestimate the sake...

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