When I was younger, I never thought...

Discussion in 'General' started by Makizushi, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. The other day I was smoking a bowl of mid, topped with kief I've collected now for a few months. I have my kief in a small bag and I use a cut straw to scoop the kief.

    And it got me thinking. When I was younger, even in high school, I never thought I'd be treating this green powdery substance like it was so precious.

    And then I got really high off that kief. Minus simply using drugs, anyone else know something they do now that they wouldn't have ever dreamed of when you were younger??
  2. Just about everything I do now.
  3. i used to think police were heroes
    i thought the president was an honest man
    i thought i could trust the gov't
    i thought the majority of the world was good
    i thought jello was the best
    i thought power rangers were real
    i thought santa clause was real
    that playstation1 was the most advanced thing ever made
  4. Never thought I'd be knowingly sleeping with a married woman.
  5. To be honest I was obsessed with Tintin, Steve Irwin and Jack London books in my youth, so I've always had high expectations of adventure for myself. Never thought I'd have the group of friends I have though.
  6. OH!

    When I was younger, I never thought I'd be buying a quarter pound of weed.
  7. that I would see Asia and Europe. That I would be lucky enough to have someone in my life that I love so very much. Now if I could only get a job..... :eek:
  8. I never thought I would enjoy the taste of vegetables
  9. I never thought my father could turn to be the blackhole of fucking scum he is now.
  10. I never thought I would still be wetting the bed.
  11. I never thought that i would ever smoke weed.Kinda weird lol:smoke:
  12. I never thought i would grow up
    I never thought i'd try cocaine and down
  13. never thought id buy a vaporizor
    never thought id get a touch screen, music listening device
    never thought velociraptors were as small as turkeys and had feathers
  14. Never thought I would smoke weed or do drugs. Never thought I would have a hot girlfriend. Never thought I would be going to school for music.
  15. Never thought the world I was born into was such a scary place.

    Never thought I would have done all the crazy party things I've done.

    Never thought I'd still be watching cartoons.

    Never thought I'd have to move away from my Mommy :( lol
  16. I never thought that a fucking white goo comes out of your penis when you rub it really hard.
  17. i never thought i'd have partied as much as i did, did as many drugs as i did, go to jail, be bisexual, be in a long term relationship (that ended with cheating, mind you), or spontaneously moving to las vegas.
  18. yeah its just a trend with people who have a loving nature they just end up loving herb, I think with cannabis just how she grows shes so beautiful, one of the most eye catchin herbs out there

    why am i not growing yet, someone like should be
  19. Fixed.
  20. Never thought I'd still be in this town

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