when i was in rehab

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  1. Haha one time I was in spanish class, in gym shorts. This older, hot, big assed girl sat in front of me and we always worked together since she was closest to me. I popped a rager and she looks just in time while I was trying to adjust! She giggled so loud in a silent classroom that everyone looked over, no one found out why she laughed, but we both knew;) I was embarrassed at the time, but I bet it made her day
  2. man sometimes

    id get a hard on and be like
    why am i getting a hard on there is nothing sexual going on
  3. This one time I got a boner when my friend (smoking hot chick) sat on my lap because there wasn't any room in the car

    I just played it cool and was like, "Sorry for being so "hard on" you earlier."

    So she said, "It's okay.. Im used to dicks"

  4. Like riding in a bouncy truck wearing mesh shorts? It's hard sometimes, man. There's no controlling it.
  5. I feel like every guy has great boner stories... :D

    ..that sounds a little strange :p ;)
  6. Yo buzzwell, last week it said you wesomething by your avi,

    You get a temp. Ban or something?

  7. I thought that only happened to me

  8. This happens to me so much. I question my boner, like WHAT THE FUCK WHY ARE YOU HERE?!?!?!
  9. You're not red anymore :eek:

  10. yeah apperently its not vip material to make a thread about copping wood at strange times:cool::cool::cool:
  11. Getting boners in rehab.

    Cuz nothing beats relapsing drug addicts who smell like vomit.

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