when i was in rehab

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  1. it was coed.

    i was always poping boners at bad times.

    i was teaching a new girl how to ride a horse and it was me and her and she was on a horse and damn... that was akwad. but she didnt say anything, and what was i going to do run and hide and caused a scene na i just kept teaching like a mactownboss.

    man i have boner stories for days....
    ill add more later

    can anyone relate?>

    i was sober and couldnt have sex for a year and was trying to save my chi and not jerk it.... and man idk my mind takes me places:cool:
  2. Handled it like a Boss. :cool:
  3. do like seth from superbad and flip your bone up into your waste band. makes it less noticeable. i hated in school when i would get a random boner in class then the bell would ring and i didnt want to stand up
  4. She should have ridden you instead.

  5. :cool:yeah i mean...

    i was kind proud.

    and it was one of those that like went down the pant leg and fit real nice?

    boner stories?

    who wants more

    i got tons:cool:
  6. I'd love to read another. :D
  7. I've had 2 girls (on separate occasions) in highschool poke the dick print sticking out of my jeans and screaming afterwards "AHH! I touched it!". Putting me on blast so hard while I try to waistband that shit. I didn't really mind though, I'll rock a dick print all day.
    Edit: Why isn't this thread called "Boner stories"?
  8. theres too many boner stories, i just cover it up real fancy like and everyone is nonethewiser :D

    i dont think none the wiser is spelling like that, well its okay.

    like ive gotten boners in all sorts of horrible places for boners to happen and made it out perfectly good :cool:

  9. hahaha yeah sometimes i would be on the sofa and my girlfriend would be like uh where is your dick, i dont see the dick print. and im like its hanging down. either get on my dick, or stop it
  10. well i was like two weeks in

    and riding a horse.
    and the instuctor was like 24 and realy hot and she was on the horse in front of me showing how to post,

    going up and ddown and up and down.

    and i get a boner and shes like "pick up a trot"

    and if u dont do it right u bounce up and down and and i bashed my wood on the seat.

    yeah. Ha and in group therapy i shared about it. it was awesome...

    more to come
  11. When I was in highschool I was chilling with a group of friends and one of the girls did a friendly lean on me and after a while of feeling her ass on my dick it got hard she noticed thought it was funny and didn't mind.

  12. thats when you whip it out and say

    "there it is!"

  13. it usually happens after i already whipped it out and we get done though. at that point i just want to chill hahaha

  14. i always got a boner in school! most of them were random and when i stand up you could see the print from a mile a way! i never tried putting it in the wait band, i just let it go away after a few minutes of showing it off lol :cool: :laughing:

  15. i totally forgot to finish the story. so once my keys were in my pocket ad it was like a huge bulge about 12 inches from my crothch(idk about you but im not a foot long) and my gf was like woah howd your dick get there and instead of saying it was my keys i tried convocning her my dick was so long it wrapped around my leg hahaha i was so high i forgot that she knows my dick isnt 2 feet long hahahah and i kept saying seriously, its wrapped around. she thought it was funny. then i whipped it out and she "wasnt in the mood"

  16. lol
    shoulda been like
    "It's cold to the touch! Feel it!"
  17. tell us more stories buzzwell. im bored
  18. well one time i was in school(in rehab) and there hot chick was sitting next to me. and she was vibing me, i think. no no she was

    and it just poped up so easily and i cover it with my book.

    one time i was in yoga class( in rehab) same situation but its like i got up cause i felt it coming, there was no hiding it if it went full sail.
    so like the teacher( this awesome older lady with a boob job) was like theres no bathroom back there and im like grabing my boner and going *shhhh*
    and i grab a random sweatshirt and walk threw the class with the sweat shirt covering my boner, and some people are laughing
    and the teacher was like

    "give him a break""its natural"

  19. you either really like to flaunt it or you dont know how to hide it. either way, hilarious stories
  20. holy fuckkkkk

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